Finding A Champion That Works for You is Important to Climbing Rank in League of Legends

Find the champion you connect with to climb rank more quickly.
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Before I get started, I would like to note that this is not a definitive means of climbing rank, yet has proved incredibly successful for me, and I think it is overlooked often as just coincidence. )If you are looking for general gameplay tips to getting better at League of Legends, I can refer you to another post I have written: How To Climb Out Of Bronze/Silver.)

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Now, that might seem obvious, but let me tell you, I have played this game for a long time, and I have climbed rank best when I find a champion that I seem to win my lane with during every game, and carry many games on. It’s not a champion that I played for hours to master, I just picked them up and did well in a couple games. Then I kept going, and realized I had a ridiculous win rate with them. If you find that champion for yourself and keep running it out, you will climb rank quickly.

You might not believe me, but let me prove it:

In Season 3, I played alot of Ahri.

I learned how she worked and I was decent on her, I even developed the sort of “connection” I’m talking about. After about 300 ranked games, I made it to Gold from Silver. Hell, I almost made it to Platinum – hit the promos once. I didn’t think spamming the same champ was such a great move, but it was insisted upon me by a friend who was heading for Diamond.

Season 4 starts, I decide to play Pantheon.

My first 9 games go 7-2 win-loss. I also play Rammus at the same time, also going 7-2. However, I could feel that my Pantheon play was more natural, and winning seemed to be coming more easily.

I stopped playing for a while and decayed to Gold 3 again.

Once I had settled back into the gist of the game, I had fallen to Gold 5 and back to Gold 3 a few times; I decided to stick to just playing Pantheon where I could, rather than trying to pick what I thought was going to win me that particular game.

Within 3 weeks, I went from Gold 3 to Platinum 3.

Now at Platinum 3, I could tell that Pantheon just wasn’t doing the same for me as he was before that. I fell down to Platinum 5 again, and bounced up and down, trying to find my feet. Then, back in Platinum 3, I picked up Katarina – and with my first 30 or so games, almost achieved a 90% win rate, which took me more or less straight to my Diamond promotions. Again, here, she fell off, but I still managed to grind through other random champions till I made it into Diamond.

My greatest climbing success has definitely come from single champions, with whom I win the vast majority of my games in a short period of time.

The only disadvantages I find are twofold:

  • Eventually you will reach a plateau with that champion. (Although you can still consider it a comfort pick)
  • It gets boring.

Getting boring is my main downfall I believe; I just can’t stand to keep playing the same champion so much! But if you can soldier through, do it,. It’ll get you places.

The champions I played may not necessarily work for you, and my build paths for them tend to be unconventional. (So don’t waltz into a game as Pantheon and expect to win!) Everyone is different, and there are a lot of champions to go through – don’t count any out. (Even Urgot, yes!)

Good luck in Solo Queue friends, and if you would like to ask me any questions, or just see who I am, follow me on Twitch. Cheers!

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