A locked, hidden shed full of loot galore is waiting to be found... if you can follow the clues!

Finding Far Harbor’s Secret Loot Stash: Cranberry Island Shed

A locked, hidden shed full of loot galore is waiting to be found... if you can follow the clues!
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Fallout 4’s biggest DLC to date, the epic Far Harbor experience, is absolutely filled to bursting with loads of secrets to uncover if you put in the time (or read guides like this one).

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There’s the hard-to-find vault 118 with its amazing Brain Dead quest, the series of hidden Islander’s Almanac magazines, a secret quest to tackle the massive Shipbreaker monster, and even some new perks to be found.

In another nod to the DLC’s horror inspiration, there’s also a little secret area where a family kept a large stash of equipment in case of the apocalypse.

This mini-quest seems to break how Fallout’s ghoul system works for the sake of an interesting side story, indicating that ghoulism can apparently be transferred like a zombie virus, which has not been the case anywhere else in the series.

Starting The Hunt For Loot

To begin your quest to find all the goodies, head down to the smaller island to the south of the main Far Harbor land mass. The map marker location you are looking for is the Cranberry Island Docks.

Have your weapon ready, as the way there is filled with insane trappers and the docks themselves are overflowing with vicious wolves.

Cranberry Island Docks

Head to the destroyed barn building marked with the “Vim Quartz” poster and head upstairs. On one of the metal racks at the top of the building you will find Eliza’s Map Of Home.

Exploring The Docks

This map shows Eliza’s drawing indicating the location of each generator that has to be powered on to access her family’ hideaway. Unfortunately the map item you pick up actually isn’t super helpful, since it doesn’t mark the points on your Pipboy.

Eliza’s Map Of Home

Instead of trying to follow the red line on the hand drawn map, instead follow the power lines you see above you, as they all lead straight to the generators.

There are three generators you have to turn on, but first they must be fixed in different ways. The first generator is right behind where you find Eliza’s map.

Follow The Wires To Each Generator

The generators are fixed either by using inventory items, or by meeting a specific skill requirement. Once the broken part is fixed, move over to the other side and flip the switch to turn on the generator. The fixes are:

  • Repair Circuit (4 circuitry) or Reroute (6 Perception)
  • Repair Wires (6 copper) or Rewire (5 Intelligence)
  • Repair Pipe (5 steel) or Bend Pipe (7 Strength)

Repairing The First Generator

You can also find several of Elize’s journals around the area that give more info on her family and the odd situation occurring there.

They are located near the generators, with one directly next to the broken wire generator and another off to the right of the generator with the broken pipe on a short wood pier.

Finding Journals

After turning all the generators on, follow the wires to the door, which is now powered. Inside you will find Eliza’s ghoul family, who will all attack you.

Following that epic battle (as they all have very high health for non-legendary ghouls), grab the Cranberry Island Shed Key and the next note from Eliza on the metal shelf.

The Powered Shelter Door

Now its finally time to grab all that sweet loot! Head southeast to find the Cranberry Island Supply Shed, where all of the family supplies where moved.

Cranberry Island Supply Shed

The shed itself is located right on the beach, but watch out: you will face both Mirelurk Killclaws and a deadly Mirelurk King on the way there.

Use that nifty key you found in the powered down room to enter Fallout 4 loot heaven!

Finding The Shed

Short of the secret developer room you have to enter using console commands, there isn’t another single location in the entire game with this many items all in one place.

While unfortunately there’s no new power armor, you will be insanely well stocked on crafting and building materials of every conceivable variety for the foreseeable future. In the chest at the center of the room is a metric ton of ammo along with some random weaponry.

So… much…. loot!!!

What are you going to build with all those materials? Let us know if you found any other trace of Eliza’s family across the island, and be sure to drop a comment with any other secrets you’ve uncovered in your playthrough of Far Harbor!

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