If you have wanted to tryout Mortal Kombat X, I suggest you do it. I also have some great recommendations for character selection for beginners.

Five Mortal Kombat X Characters to start out with (for beginners)

If you have wanted to tryout Mortal Kombat X, I suggest you do it. I also have some great recommendations for character selection for beginners.

If you are only slightly familiar with Mortal Kombat X, or have never tried the game and this is your first time, then I have some advice on what characters to try out first.

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All the characters in this game are very diverse, but some are easier to learn how to control and use because of their easier combos, commodity, mechanics, speed, etc. So if you want to give MKX a try, start with these five:

1. Cassie Cage


Cassie Cage is one of the characters in this game where you don’t absolutely need to have high combos to master her, which is why she is great for starters. She also has a fair amount of strength and speed, providing a good balance that gives the player a comfortable feel. She also has range attacks in her special moves, and there isn’t an overwhelming amount of them to memorize.

2. Scorpion


Scorpion is on this list because he is a classic. He is the most commonly played character in the game, which is why he is on this list. His combos are crazy and difficult, but there are so many people who know them that you can learn and pick them up quickly. He’s also the staple for special moves and his x-ray is easy to land, especially since he has moves that stun your opponent. I definitely think everyone should give Scorpion a try.  

3. Sub-Zero


For the same reasons as Scorpion, Sub-Zero finds himself on this list. Another Mortal Kombat classic, he can literally freeze his opponents, providing you for a way to connect an easy combo or use your x-ray without fear of missing. He has range, fast special moves, and combos that you can learn because everyone uses him. His popularity is not a bad thing, though. People use him because he’s one of the best characters in the game.

4. Kano


Kano is just fun. He has the most enjoyable special moves and throws in the game. When you can literally shoot lasers from your eyes, you’re in good shape. He has several special moves that can hit your opponent from a distance, making your life a lot easier. Like Cassie Cage, you don’t have to worry too much about nailing the big combos because he definitely has some that aren’t too difficult to learn. He’s the easiest to pick up and is a good choice for beginners.

5. Kung Jin


This guy is on the list because of his reach. With that bow of his as a weapon, this guy is brutal and very difficult to get close to. He can also shoot arrows (shocker), and has one very easy combo that everyone uses (with good reason) that is easy to grasp. He will take a bit more getting used to at first than the others on the list, but he is worth it.

All the characters have their merits, and just because I recommend these characters for beginners, don’t mean only beginners should use them. The wonderful thing about a character like Scorpion is there is always something new to figure out about him, because he’s so complex. At the same time, he’s also simple in many ways that make him great for starters.

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