Running a restaurant while saving the world from fallen angels is hard -- use these Food Fantasy cheats to get ahead quickly!

Food Fantasy Beginner’s Tips And Tricks Guide

Running a restaurant while saving the world from fallen angels is hard -- use these Food Fantasy cheats to get ahead quickly!

If you’ve played one gacha you’ve played ’em all, right? Well, not quite. Food Fantasy does more than just institute food names for the summoned creatures, throwing in cooking sim and JRPG elements to juggle as you evolve your creatures to higher star rankings.

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Just getting started and want to know how to get ahead quickly? We’ve got you covered with a full break down of all the game’s main elements so you don’t run out of resources or get chopped in the battle screen!

Food Fantasy Basic Cheats And Strategies

Unlike a lot of gacha games, quests don’t track automatically. You have to actually start a quest to get the rewards, even if you already completed every task that the quest required. This means that it is easy to lose out on a ton of resources, or that you may have to go back and re-play certain areas again.

Always check the story missions before leveling up a food soul, prepping dishes, battling in the forest, researching or improving meals, or summoning new creatures.

Essentially, don’t do ANYTHING until you’ve checked to see if there’s a reward for doing so, because you are missing out on freebies that will help you advance much more quickly.

 Always activate Story Missions before completing any task!

Next up, your master will need a steady supply of resources to make the dishes that keep customers happy in the restaurant, which means heading out into the battle stages.

Keep an eye on the stage drops, as not all of the stages actually provide ingredients. Some are just for grabbing potions and onions to upgrade your food souls.

In the restaurant, you can only serve customer if you’ve got dishes prepped on the line, so you need to return frequently to ensure the kitchen has food going out to the tables.

Putting any dish on the prep line works, but once you get a solid stable of recipes built up, be sure to tap each customer and see their preferences to get more customer tips. Some want firm foods, other beautiful foods, other mushy, and so on.

 Check the stage drops to make meals and upgrade recipes

One element of the cooking section of the game that isn’t explained at all (although hopefully will be addressed a day 1 patch) is freshness.

As the staff hands out orders or cooks meals, their freshness — indicated by the green leaf icons — goes down This is one of the reasons to keep summoning new food souls, as you need to swap out staff regularly to keep their freshness high.

At low freshness, their effectiveness in the kitchen goes down. Refresh Meds can also be used to increase freshness if you want to keep a cook on the line, but they have to be researched first with one Large Soul Fruit and one Magic Bottle.

Wondering where to get such things? The game’s various resources and shops are spread all over the place to a degree that will hopefully be streamlined with a patch.

To use your tips from the restaurant for instance, hit the Shop icon in the top-right corner of the main screen, then open the Tip Store tab. Here you can buy shards for specific food souls, or get seasonings for improving dishes.

Loot boxes and food scraps on the other hand aren’t opened on the normal rewards screen, the quests screen, the shops, or in the daily Benefits menu. Instead, tap the crossed fork and knife icon in the lower-right corner to swap out the menus, then choose the Vault to open them.

 Opening the Vault


Food Fantasy Battle Guide

To keep up with the pace of stronger monsters in new areas, you need to constantly upgrade combat skills for your team. This is broken down into two sections that aren’t immediately apparent: individual skills and cooking talent skills.

Individual character skills are upgraded in the Souls screen. These require gold and are capped based on character level. The screen-clearing cooking talent skills instead are assigned before a battle and need cooking points earned in the restaurant to be unlocked and upgraded.

The cooking talents screen is where you can set your group of food souls apart from the competition by deciding whether to focus on straight damage, support for buffs, or control for decreasing the time it takes to activate skills.

 Upgrading straight damage cooking skills

Although this is an auto-battler, you can’t just start a combat and walk away, as mini-games are required in most of the combat areas. Tap the numbers on the big creatures to prevent them from using their super abilities or to decrease their stats.

Be sure to also swat away the little flying guys on the far right side of the screen who heal the bigger creatures. If you don’t stay on top of this, you can’t ever do enough damage to win. Finally, tap trapped or frozen characters who can’t use their special abilities while encased in ice.

Besides the forest areas specifically for combat, customers in the restaurant can also be fought, like pirates and people who aren’t paying their bills. You need to do this regularly not just to earn more rewards, but also to clear them out to get paying normal customers into the seats.

 Tapping boss weak points and activating individual skills and cooking talents

Have any other Food Fantasy tips and tricks for new players to quickly summon new souls or beat the combat stages? Let us know your best strategy below!

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