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Fortnite LEGO: How to Invite Friends to Co-Op Multiplayer

Find out how to invite friends to your world here.

Fortnite LEGO brings a bricktastic crafting survival adventure. Whether or not you’re new to the genre, everyone knows it’s best enjoyed with friends in a Squad. Find out how to invite friends to co-op multiplayer to join your World in LEGO here.

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How to Invite Friends to Your World in Fortnite LEGO

Now that you’ve got a world, you’re probably wondering if you can invite friends to it. Thankfully, Fortnite LEGO multiplayer co-op mode is fully implemented, so you can build bricks and survive together. Unfortunately, the feature is hidden in plain sight.

The Exact Steps to Setting Up Fortnite LEGO Co-Op

Fortnite LEGO invite friends and players menu in-game.
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  • Open the main menu in-match to adjust your party settings.
    • Set Party Joinability to Friends or Open.
  • Open the World Map.
    • “M” on PC.
    • Up on D-pad on Xbox/PlayStation. 
  • Tab over to the “Players” menu.
  • Select “Invite Players”.
    • You can give up to 7 friends via World keys.
  • Select the Friend from your Friends list to invite.
  • If the friend is in your Party already, select “Share Key”.

What are Keys in Fortnite LEGO? Explained

Notably, once you give a friend a World Key, they can access it whenever they want. So, you don’t need to be online and host them for them to play it. With this in mind, it’s best to only invite trustworthy companions, because they’ll be able to destroy structures within your world.

If you want to host temporary visitors, you’re in luck. You can invite players to your party lobby like you would for any other game mode to create a hosted session. Unlike keyed members, Party members will be kicked out of your World once you log-off.

Does Fortnite LEGO Have Split Screen Couch Co-Op?

Split-screen co-op is oftentimes a thing of the past these days, but Fortnite knows what fans want and include the feature in the Battle Royale game for Console players. So, it’s reasonable to expect the new brick building mode to include it. Unfortunately, Fortnite LEGO does not have split-screen co-op at this time. So, while you can meet up with other friends, it’ll have to be from separate consoles for now.

That’s how to get invite friends to multiplayer co-op in Fortnite LEGO. Stay tuned with us at our guides hub here for all there is to know about this exciting crossover.

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