Fortnite OG: All Returning Vehicles in Chapter 1 Season 5

Find out all of the returning vehicles for Chapter 1 Fortnite OG here.

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The original battle royale map is returning with Chapter 1 Season 5 (or, as it’s also known by some, Chapter 4 Season 5). Whatever we call it, it brings some highly-anticipated changes and original content back to the game. Here are all the returning vehicles in Fortnite: OG.

Every Returning Vehicle in Fortnite OG Chapter 1 Season 5

If you’ve been playing Fortnite since Chapter 1 like me, you’re missing some of the OG vehicles that have been vaulted. Thankfully, Epic is about to bring back some noteworthy classics in the release of Chapter 4 Season 5, and the return of Chapter 1.

  • Hoverboard (Driftboard)
    • The Hoverboard seats one player. You can move forward, backward, and jump for a speed boost. You can also perform in-air tricks by leaning in-air. Drivers can shoot, heal, and emote while maintaining speed.
  • Plane (Stormwing)
    • The Plane seats up to five players. The vehicle requires fuel to run, and once it’s fuel reserves are exhausted, will crash to the ground. The plane has a mounted weapon that can be used by the driver. 
  • ATK (Golf Cart)
    • The ATK seats up to four players. Drivers can utilize the handbrake to give the vehicle a speed boost. Passengers can shoot, heal, emote, and crouch while seated in the vehicle. Drivers must maintain control of the vehicle.
  • Baller
    • The Baller seats one player. The vehicle can move in any direction, controlled by a suction cup Grappler that the driver ejects from the vehicle or by boosting. The Grappler attaches to objects to pull the vehicle forward.  Drivers must maintain control of the vehicle.
  • Shopping Cart
    • The Shopping Cart seats up to two players. The driver pushes the Shopping Cart from behind the vehicle while the passenger rides inside. Passengers can shoot, heal, emote, and crouch while seated in the vehicle. Drivers must maintain control of the vehicle.

A Note on Fortnite OG Vehicle Leaks

While returning content has remained speculation in the lead-up to release, the vehicles have been confirmed by reliable leakers online. Shown below is the most recent teaser that features Chapter 1 key art depicting all of the returning vehicles.

That’s all there is to know about the Chapter 1 Fortnite OG vehicles returning in Chapter 4 Season 5. We’ll keep this guide updated throughout the event. Stay tuned with us at our guides hub here for all there is to know for this throwback to the past.

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