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Fortnite Summer Escape: Where to Find Ice Cream Cones

Here's where to find Ice Cream Cones for the new Summer Escape quest in Fortnite.

The Fortnite 14 Days of Summer has returned, and the Summer Escape brings with it a new point of interest and, of course, some new quests. You might’ve already noticed Ice Cream Cones throughout the island, or maybe you’re having trouble tracking down the frozen delight. Either way, you’ll need it for a Quench Quest. Here’s where to find Fortnite Ice Cream Cones.

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Where to Find Ice Cream Cones in Fortnite

Ice Cream Cones can be found across the map, but you’ll want a guaranteed loot location if you’re trying to complete the associated Quench Quest. I had the best luck finding these delectable summer delights in the new area, Sunswoon Lagoon.

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Sunswoon Lagoon can be found west of Creeky Compound and north of Rumble Ruins along the river bank. You’ll spot some pool floaties and twinkle lights decorating the area. I didn’t have any difficulty dropping there, but if it becomes a gold-labeled Hot Drop for your match, you could have some competition.

Fortnite Sunswoon Lagoon blue coolers and ice cream cones
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Once you’re there, look for blue coolers to open. I found four coolers in the area that contained at least one Ice Cream Cone each. You could also find more as ground loot in Sunswoon Lagoon, making it the perfect location for this Quench Quest.

Ice Cream Cone Types and Buffs

You’ll need to consume five Ice Cream Cones for the Summer Escape quest in Fortnite. There are five potential types you could come across with different buffs.

  • Regular Cone: Replenishes health.
  • Guzzling: Replenishes health over time.
  • Spicy: Replenishes health and grants a speed boost.
  • Lil’ Whip’s Special Serve: Replenishes health and shield.
  • Frozen: Replenishes health and adds frozen ice block boots.

To consume one of these items, select it from your inventory and use your trigger button. The quest doesn’t specify what type of treat to consume, so feel free to mix and match or use the same five — it doesn’t matter.

That’s it for where to find Ice Cream Cones in Fortnite. For more Summer Escape walkthroughs and content, check out our other Fortnite guides here.

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