Futurama: Worlds Of Tomorrow Classes, Characters, and Combat

RPG combat mechanics in Futurama? Yep, and you need to know how the classes work when building a crew!

RPG combat mechanics in Futurama? Yep, and you need to know how the classes work when building a crew!

Fry, Leela, Professor Farnswarth, Calculon, the Robot Devil, and even Leg Mutant all make appearances as unlockable characters in Futurama: Worlds Of Tomorrow. Each character offers up different combat possibilities, new timer tasks to complete, and different choices during dialog segments.

Want the best crew possible for tackling missions? Below we cover how each class works, plus how you can level them up, and keep track of wayward characters wandering around New New York.

If you’re just getting started with the game, head over and check out our basic guide to resource management in Worlds of Tomorrow instead.

Leveling Up In Worlds Of Tomorrow

There are two numbers to keep track of here: overall player level and individual character levels. Overall level is the big red planet icon in the upper-left corner of the screen. This goes up as you gain experience by completing tasks and space missions.

Player Leveling

Why is player level important? Gaining a level not only comes with a hefty load of Nixonbucks and the rare pizza resource, but also refills your fuel entirely, meaning you can get back to more space missions without having to spend money on extra pizza.

      This screen essentially means you can play longer without paying money

You can also earn player experience by harvesting from buildings, which is why you should be spending those Nixonbucks on new structures whenever you have room. To know if a building harvests experience, just tap it to bring up the “Collecting Rent” screen. If you see a red planet, you’re good to go.

Character Leveling

Meanwhile, character levels are found by tapping the face icon in the lower-right (next to the cash register) and then selecting a crew member. Notice how each character has a different color and icon? That denotes each individual character’s class.

The breakdown is as follows:

  • Red Molecule for Scientist (Amy and Professor Farnsworth)
  • Blue Cap for Delivery Boy (Fry, Kif)
  • Blocky Blue Head for Robot (Bender)
  • Gold Badge for Captain (Leela, Zap)
  • Orange Briefcase for Influencer (Hermes)

Leveling up characters requires career chips, which are typically earned on missions. Some chips are class-dependent while others are generic. In other words, you can’t use the red Scientist career chips on Fry, but you can use the blue generic chips on either Fry or Amy, even though they are different classes.

Remember that character leveling isn’t free. The more chips you use to level, the more Nixonbucks you have to spend. The combat segments in each space mission very quickly scale up in power, so always level up when you’ve got free career chips and Nixonbucks.

Character leveling isn’t just for better combats stats, either. As each character levels, new timer tasks become available for earning resources. For instance, at level 4 Fry can spend time cleaning the Planet Express Ship for additional player experience and Nixonbucks.

Worlds Of Tomorrow Classes

Each character has different bonuses for completing the Choose-Your-Own-Adventure segments based on their class, persona, and stats.

For instance, if you pick a Scientist, you are more likely to get a good outcome when working with the Planet Express Ship’s computer system. Amy will have better outcomes with the Wongs, while the television-obsessed Fry can talk down Lrrr. Your knowledge of the show can be very helpful here.

You want to bring as many characters as possible on each space mission, so make sure they aren’t stuck on a timer quest back in New New York! These are the Futurama classes available and their combat advantages:

  • Delivery Boy: Basic, well-rounded stats with single attack that hits one enemy and a powered-up attack that will always be a critical.
  • Captain: Better basic attacks than most other classes, and will raise the power of other party members when using the powered up skill.
  • Influencer: Less straight up power than the other classes, but can restore health to party members without using the rare Med Kits.
  • Robot: Better health and defense than other classes, and the powered up ability raises the defense of party members.
  • Scientist: This class hits multiple enemies with each throw of a volatile mixture in a beaker, and the powered up attack deals extra damage to all enemies

Combat is pretty simple and follows the typical tap-tap format. Tap exactly as the circle under an enemy fills and turns white (if you are consistently missing, just try a half second before it looks full) for extra damage.

Likewise, tap exactly as the circle under one of your characters fills and turns white to take less damage from an attack. It will flash red if you failed. Mastering this will keep you alive a lot longer, as the damage boost/reduction really adds up over time.

            Fry using a special attack on Mrs. Wong while exploring Mars

Keeping Track Of Characters

While building your own city in destroyed New New York, each character you have previously unlocked will wander around aimlessly as you clear out areas covered in Hypnowaves.

There’s a simple way to find any one character you can’t find. If you go to a space mission, add the character you want to find to the crew, and then immediately abort the mission, that character will appear in front of the Planet Express Ship building. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work if that character is currently on a timer quest.

Its also possible to “corral” the characters by using the city building system. When possible, the characters will always walk on sidewalks or roads, which you can use to your advantage. Just delete all your existing sidewalks and roads, then build a batch of sidewalk all together in one area — the characters will all congregate and stay there, so long as you don’t unlock more areas with sidewalks or roads.

Don’t like the look of your current roster of characters and classes? Clear out the Hypnowaves in the Downtown District and you can unlock the Outfit-O-Matic to get new skins for each character. The specific segment of Downtown containing the building costs 150 Hypnotons and starts a two hour timer.

     Unlocking the Outfit-O-Matic

Now you know all there is to learn about the differing classes and characters in Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow. Have any cool tips for us on completing quests or making the unberable timer wait times less boring? Hit us up in the comments section below! And check out the rest of our Worlds of Tomorrow guides for even more help with this mobile Futurama adventure!

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