The timers... oh sweet Slurm the timers!

Futurama: Worlds Of Tomorrow Tricks and Strategies for the Beginner

The timers... oh sweet Slurm the timers!

Hypnotoad, Nibbler, and that hard-drinking robot who wants you to bite his shiny metal ass are all aboard for a freemium time-wasting adventure in the recently released mobile game, FuturamaWorlds Of Tomorrow!

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Contrary to what the loading screen will tell you, no one actually gets more flavor points for licking the screen. In fact, this little Futuarma romp holds onto points and resources like Zapp Brannigan holds onto an inflated sense of self-importance. You’ll have to pry them from the game’s cold, dead hands.

Unless you are planning on spending a significant amount of real money (or rolling the dice with a Futurama: Worlds Of Tomorrow cheat program that has you installing very iffy side apps to get free pizza and Nixonbucks), this game is all about hurrying up and waiting.

Time and resource management are absolutely key here. Not sure how to proceed? We’ll show you the best ways to get on re-building New New York without emptying your wallet into a digital shredder.

    ..and give out handy tips like: “don’t try to reason with Lrrr!”

Get Two Robots

Like it or not, you are basically going to have to lay down a little cash to buy a second model Robot 1-X for clearing out areas covered in Hypnowaves. You only start with around 10 pizza and earn very little extra pizza each day, so waiting to get to the 50 slices necessary to buy another robot could take days… or weeks.

Why do you need a second one? Because the wait timers for clearing out areas usually involve hours or days… but if you have your robot already out on an hours-long mission, it won’t be available for those silly 5 and 6 second missions required to complete storyline tasks.

Yep, you’ll be stuck waiting for a menial non-story task to get finished before you can move forward in the main quest line. Buying that second robot and keeping him free for story missions makes this game about 80% less frustrating.

            It stings a bit, but if you are committed to the game, its necessary

Fuel Economy

The space missions part of the game, where you switch from city building to RPG combat and Choose-Your-Own-Adventure dialog choices, is entirely dependent on how much fuel you have on hand.

Fuel replenishes extremely slowly (at a rate of 1 about every 8 minutes of real world time!). Every single dot on the star map takes up fuel, and the maps tend to be pretty big. This is really how they get you on the money front, because you can spend cash to buy pizza and replenish fuel during the mission.

Don’t forget, if you run out of fuel, you don’t have to ditch the mission entirely. Choose the option to “temporarily return” (using the castle icon in the top-right) so you can handle some things back in New New York, then later when the fuel has replenished you can head straight back to your previous location on the star map.

    I’ve got two fuel left… and 15 dots to cover

Here’s the important part of space missions to always keep in mind: any character who is involved in a timer mission back in New New York can’t come with you. That means there’s one less character for combat or for dialog sections where you might need a specific person to proceed.

That’s why you should complete all the space missions you can first — using up all the fuel you’ve got — before setting anyone onto a timer back in New New York.

It’s almost a certainly you won’t have the resources necessary to finish all tasks and quests immediately — whether you’ve run out of fuel or money or pizza or just time. So unfinished quests are listed conveniently in the lower-left corner as a series of character images. Just tap one to return to where you were at before.

 Returning to quests

Rearranging New New York

While in New New York, you always want as many structures as possible. They not only increase your resources, but also give you something to do while waiting for timers to fill. This is particularly frustrating in the early game when you have only a handful of buildings and nothing to do for hours.

Pull up the store (the cash register icon in the lower-right) and check it regularly, as there are rotating sales letting you get new buildings that offer up precious resources for tiny amounts of Nixonbucks.

Once a building is placed, wait for the icon to appear above its roof (you can tap and hold to see its progress), then tap the building to make the resources appear — but don’t forget you still have to pick them up.

One aspect of the city building that isn’t immediately clear is that you can actually move your existing structures to other locations. Tap and hold a building so a circle of dots appears, and then you can move structures that were previously placed by tapping the new position. This is especially helpful if a large object ended up in front of a small object in the game’s isometric view.

     Moving your Slurm machine

Those are all the basics you need to know about resource management to get started in Futurama: Worlds Of Tomorrow! Got any other tips on how to stay ahead of the pizza, fuel, or Nixonbucks curve? Let us know what we missed in the comments! And stay tuned as we cover classes, combat, leveling, and space quests soon. 

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