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What makes GameSkinny the place to write about games as opposed to Tumblr, WordPress or the rest of the Internet?
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The Internet has given everyone in the world a voice. With said voice, people choose to do two specific things:

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  1. Talk about stuff they love.
  2. Bitch about everything else.

Fear not gentle readers, for that is both the good and bad news. You can talk about whatever you want, be it puppies, or movies, or depraved sexual acts. You can even talk about video games! (That’s a professional segue.)

The problem with this is that everyone is talking about the same things. With everyone residing within the Internet world, screaming as loud as they can, how can one be heard? There are a few options here: One is to scream louder – but this is nearly impossible, I would know. The other is to find a venue receptive to your voice and cultivate some virtual land.

What about Tumblr and WordPress and Blogspot and all that other stuff?

I’ve got to say: They aren’t really conducive to writing. I know they were created to literally give people a voice, but with all of the GIFs and porn, no lowly aspiring video game journalist can hope to compete. We inevitably get lost in the ADD-riddled folds of the Internet with no hope of treading to the top. It sucks.

This is what GameSkinny was made for

GameSkinny gives us the opportunity to say what we want with feedback from industry professionals. I started out writing on Tumblr for a couple of months prior to discovering GameSkinny, and in literally one day here I got more legitimate feedback than the entire two months combined on other sites.

So, heed my words: If you’re really serious about getting started in games media, or maybe if you just want to have a fun hobby writing about games, this is the place to start that up. Just sit down, organize a thought, and pop that baby down on GameSkinny. You may be surprised about how well it works out.

For the record, I am not paid in any way to say this. These are my opinions, and mine alone. I am not, at this specific moment, an employee of GameSkinny.


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