GameSkinny Writer’s Workshop: Everything You Need to Know

Curious about the GameSkinny Writer's Workshop? This should answer all your questions.

Curious about the GameSkinny Writer's Workshop? This should answer all your questions.

Want to get more involved with the GSWW? We have our own website! Join us to keep up with events, announcements, and interact on the forums. 

Here at GS, one of our goals is to encourage all of you to write about something you love – video games. Your voices matter to us. But sometimes trying to use them can be daunting. It’s not always easy to just sit down and write a killer article. No one gets it right the first try. Most people don’t get it right the first several tries. 

Writing, like any other medium of expression, requires patience and work to hone your skills. We want to help you do that. That’s why we’ve geared up a new resources for all our GS writers and readers: the GameSkinny Writer’s Workshop, or GSWW. 

What is GSWW?

GSWW is a bi-weekly challenge for all interested writers. Every other week, our editors come up with a broad topic for you all to write about. On Mondays, we publish an article that outlines your challenge for the week and gives you a short lesson that will help you write your article. Each challenge is meant to introduce you to a new skill, or help you polish a skill you already have. Pieces can range from news to op-eds to reviews. There are a lot of options, and we try to mix it up. 

When the challenge week ends, we collect all the articles that you’ve written and use some of them as part of a live workshop that we stream on Twitch. During these workshops, our weekend editor (that’s me) will make live-fire edits to some of the articles, so you all can have a little peek behind the curtain and see what we’re looking at when we edit (so you can start looking for those things, too). We’ll also talk about the lesson for that week, and pick a winning article for that challenge. The chosen winner will get featured on the front page of the site.

How Can You Participate in the GSWW?

You don’t need to do anything special. Keep an eye out for the bi-weekly prompt, then get writing. (You’ll need an account to do this. Click here to create one if you haven’t already.) Once you’ve written your article, you simply tag it with the given tag for that week, which you can find in the challenge article.

To watch the workshop streams on Twitch and chat with an editor, follow this link.

You can also sign up for our mailing list, where we’ll be sending out emails each time a new challenge goes live. Subscribing to the mailing list is also a great way to keep up with any other updates that you might miss on the site.  

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Past Challenges

Interested to see what the past challenges have looked like? Check out the list below. You’ll also find the winning articles linked in each challenge. 

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