Gears 5 Guide: All Relic Weapons Locations

Here are the exact locations of all 17 Relic Weapons in Gears 5 on Xbox One and PC.

Here are the exact locations of all 17 Relic Weapons in Gears 5 on Xbox One and PC.
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Gears 5 on Xbox One and PC introduces a whole slew of new and improved weapons called Relic Weapons. They can be found in secret locations scattered all over the game’s map. In total, there are 17 Relic Weapons in the game.

They have one identifiable feature to help you find them: the Crimson Omen. If you see this, these weapons are very close. Grabbing them means you can destroy hordes of enemies in a much more effective way.

If you don’t want to look out for these unique pickups on your own but still want to be a terminator, then just follow our guide below for all the possible locations of Relic Weapons the open(ish) world of Gears 5.

Enforcer Relic

The Enforcer Relic map location in Gears 5

The relic variant of Enforcer Submachine Gun can be found in Act 2 Chapter 2, right after you open the Northern Passage gate. Go to your left and look out for the Crimson Omen on the cliff wall. Your prize is right under the tree nearby.

This variant deals a lot more damage than the vanilla version, although there is one drawback as the firerate is a little bit slower.

Longshot Relic

When you reach the Train Tunnel at Act 2 Chapter 4, go to east and enter a shack that is painted red. Inside the shack you will see a sniper rifle on the table near the Crimson Omen.

This rifle has Active Reload, which means that you will always have an a free extra bullet.

Retro Lancer Relic

After the shack in Act 2 Chapter 4, go to the Old Cog Wall. From there, go northeast and locate a rocky area with a Crimson Omen clearly seen on top. You don’t need to go up, though. Simply search for the relic at the foot of the hill.

This Lancer uses explosive ammo, which hits and damages all nearby enemies.

Dropshot Relic

From the above, move further to the west from the Old Cog Wall and locate the Transmission Signal Source objective. You will see huge ice boulders nearby with the omen inscribed on one of them. The weapon can be found right behind it.

Dropshot is designed to literally freeze your enemies. It fires cryo-blasting rounds that can stop any enemy in its tracks.

Torque Bow Relic

Now go back to the Old Cog Wall and turn south. Reach the Abandoned Mine and look out for the omen atop the hillhouse. The relic bow can be seen right under the trees.

If you like quiet weapons, then this relic bow will suite you just right.

Boltok Relic

In Act 2 Chapter 4, go to your next objective, which is the Condor Crash Site. Just above the marker you will see a wall with the omen and a relic pistol on the ground.

Boltok Relic can be a very accurate weapon because of its ability to fire from the hip.

Boomshot Relic

From the Condor Crash Site, go all the way up north to the North Tower Substation. Locate the buildings to the right of the substation and look out for the omen on the wall of the power generator. The relic weapon is right behind it.

Boomshot is a customized version of the grenade launcher that can shoot three grenades at a time.

Talon Relic

In Act 3 Chapter 2, you will be relocated to the Abandoned Airport. There you will see a row of hangars. Go to the first one and look behind the corner to your right of the entrance. The weapon can be seen by the wall.

Just like Longshot, this weapon has an Active Reload mechanism, which allows it to deal more damage while shooting.

Gnasher Relic

Then, go north from the Water Tower to the edge of the mountain. Just follow the marker indicated on the map above and you should be able to spot the weapon at the foot of the mount.

Gnasher is a highly potent shotgun that can kill enemies with a single shot, although it’s not terribly accurate.

Lancer GR Relic

To the south of the Water Tower you will see an overhang supported by massive pillars. You can find the relic under the central pillar.

This customized assault rifle has a mind of its own. Basically, it detects nearby targets when you shoot straight and bursts into the air dealing damage to those nearby targets.

Overkill Relic

Follow the northeast path from the Bridge Control House and locate a huge rock protruding from the earth. The weapon can be seen laying around the rock.

Overkill is a semi-automatic shotgun, which can be easily switched to full auto mode by simply holding the trigger.

Embar Relic

After you reached the Train Turntable objective, move to the far west, and locate the Crashed Condor site. Search for the weapon among the crates that have fallen out of the airplane wreckage.

Embar is a powerful shotgun that shoots with electro-magnetic rounds that deal devastating damage. The only drawback is that it takes quite a while before the weapon is charged and ready to fire.

Lancer Relic

Find the Cargo Shipwreck objective located to the southwest of the Train Bridge. Look out for a relic weapon in the pile of debris south of the shipwreck.

Lancer is a multi-purpose assault rifle, which can be used as a firearm and as a melee weapon. Just press the Melee button to activate a melee atack, or activate its chainsaw for the ultimate execution.

Hammerburst Relic

Locate a building that stands between City Ruins and Harbor Docks. Enter the courtyard through the gate and go to your right. There is a weapon crate with a new relic weapon at the end.

Hammerburst is another assault rifle with a powerful ability to fire longer bursts with each trigger-pull action.

Markza Relic

Search for a Pump Station north of the Cosmonaut Training Facility and check out the vehicle graveyard to the north of the station. The trunk of the leftmost car holds a new relic weapon.

Markza is a sniper rifle with an option to shoot in fully automatic mode by holding the trigger. However, the accuracy of the weapon drops significantly.

Snub Relic

Go southeast of the Pump Station and follow the marker indicated on the map above. When you reach the edge of the map, search for the weapon at the base of the wall.

Snub is a modified pistol, which can shoot two bullets at a time. The distinctive feature of this firearm is the extreme accuracy of its shots.

Claw Relic

Lastly, find a half-buried building with a tower between the Cosmonaut Training Facility and Pump Station. This one can be seen in the bushes near the building.

Claw is a light machine-gun capable of reaching unbelievably fast rates of fire with the help of the Active Reload feature.

Various versions of Gears 5 are currently out on Xbox One and PC. Aside from being on Game Pass for PC, it is also available on Steam for the platform. For more Gears 5 guides, check out the list below:

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