You need Valberry for character ascensions in Genshin Impact. Here's where to find all of the Valberries you need!

Genshin Impact Valberry Locations: Where to Buy & Farm Them

You need Valberry for character ascensions in Genshin Impact. Here's where to find all of the Valberries you need!

Most of Genshin Impact‘s local specialties aren’t on the menu, including the Valberry. Instead, they are used as materials for character ascensions, with Valberry being used in the ascension of two of the first characters most players will get.

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Valberry is used to ascend Noelle and Lisa, with Noelle being a guaranteed pull at the moment and Lisa being granted to the player via story progression.

Luckily, getting your hands on this plump, pink berry isn’t too hard — as a matter of fact, it’s one of the easiest local specialties to get early in the game should either your Noelle or Lisa be ready for their first ascensions.

Both characters will need a total of 168 Valberries to reach their sixth ascension tier, so don’t be shy about picking up as many as you can when you’re in the area.

Where to Get Valberry in Genshin Impact

Like some of the other ascension-linked flora in Genshin Impact, there are two methods for obtaining Valberry.

Method 1: Buy Valberries from Chloris

The first and less reliable method is via the vendor Chloris, who can be found wandering the road in Windrise, east of Mondstadt. Her patrol location is highlighted below.

Chloris only has five Valberry up for sale for 1000 Mora each, and she replenishes her stock every few days.

Method 2: Farm Valberries near Mondstadt

The more reliable method to obtain Valberries is to pick them yourself, up in the mountains northeast of Mondstadt. Areas where I’ve found Valberry have been highlighted in the map below.

Each Valberry plant has four berries for you to pick, but they are scarce even in these areas. Keep your eyes open for sparkling stalks in the area to find them.

Considering you need Valberries to get Noelle and Lisa past Level 20, you’ll probably be heading up here sooner than you realize. Be aware that the enemies in these areas are between the levels of 15 and 25, so be careful.

Now you know at least a few places to gather Valberries from, and you’re well on your way to leveling your character ascensions. If this locations guide helped you in your adventures, take a look at some of our other Genshin Impact guides here on GameSkinny!

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