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Ghostrunner 2: How to Get Memory Shards and Collectibles in Pillars of Creation

The largest level in Ghostrunner 2 has a bunch of goodies waiting to be discovered.

A few levels in Ghostrunner 2 are quite massive, at least compared to others in the campaign, and trying to find hidden rewards might seem daunting at first. Our guide discusses how to get Pillars of Creation Memory Shards and collectibles in Ghostrunner 2, saving you the trouble of replaying this entire stage.

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How to Get Pillars of Creation Memory Shards and Collectibles in Ghostrunner 2

Here’s what you need to know if you want to obtain all Pillars of Creation Memory Shards and collectibles in Ghostrunner 2:

  • Pillars of Creation is the 11th stage in the campaign, right after Winds of the Desolate. It’s set in a massive, semi-open-world area outside Dharma Tower. This might seem somewhat jarring, considering that almost all other stages in the campaign are fairly small.
  • The main goal is to disable the three towers and exit the stage. There are several collectibles and shards found in the towers and in the vicinity.
  • You can ride your motorcycle as you explore, but there’s no map. As such, we must rely on general directions relative to the bridge and hillside area in the initial section.
  • Replay this level at your leisure via the main menu. Unfortunately, you have to restart from the beginning, which can be quite a hassle if you only missed one item during your previous run.
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Memory Shards and Collectibles in the Starting Area and General Vicinity

Here are the Pillars of Creation Memory Shards and collectibles in Ghostrunner 2, starting with those found in the initial area upon starting the level:

  • Memory Shard #1: In the yard with the Synth Zombies and Burrower Tentacles. You can mantle onto the large container. Then, wall run along the metal overhang.
  • Memory Shard #2: Once you head down from the hilltop, follow the main road until you see a building with a GR Augmentation Unit (i.e. the machine that lets you unlock new skill chips).
  • Memory Shard #3: While following the main road, you should see a ruined two-storey building. You can grab the shard by driving your motorcycle at high speed from a nearby ridge and jumping off from a greater height.
  • Memory Shard #4: Swing over to the ridge along the left-hand side, and you’ll see this abandoned garage.
  • Collectible #1: Environmental Suit — This collectible is inside the garage itself. Just watch out for more Zombie-type enemies.

The First Tower

For the next set of Pillars of Creation Memory Shards and collecitbles, I opted to head to the tower along the left-hand side. Since this level has no map, I advise you to just take note of the general direction (assuming you’ve just made your way down the hill).

  • Memory Shard #5: Behind an industrial fan along the path that leads to the facility.
  • Memory Shard #6: Next to another GR Augmentation Unit. As I recall, this machine was bugged for me. Even though I interacted with it, I wasn’t able to access the skill chips panel at all.
  • Memory Shard #7: This is on one of the metal walkways that you can reach while parkouring to the terminal.
  • Memory Shard #8: After disabling the tower’s terminal, ride your motorcycle to leave the area. You’ll see this just before you jump across a gap.

The Second Tower

These Pillars of Creation Memory Shards in Ghostrunner 2 are in what I consider the second tower. It’s basically the one along the right-hand side as you go downhill from the starting point.

  • Memory Shard #9: As you proceed through the tunnel, you’ll be able to enter this small section. You have to dash past electrical fences and throw your Shuriken at a power switch. That disables the other electrical fence that leads to this shard.
  • Collectible #2: Survival Rations — You’ll loop around the facility until you see a dimly lit room that has this collectible.

The Third Tower

During my playthrough, I considered the third and final tower as the one that’s farthest away, essentially a long drive while following the main road.

  • Memory Shard #10: At the back of the walkway near the entrance.
  • Memory Shard #11: You’ll see a metal structure once you regain control of your motorcycle after deactivating the tower’s terminal.

That’s everything you need to know about where to find the Pillars of Creation Memory Shards and collectibles in Ghostrunner 2. For other tips and tactics, you can visit our GR2 guides hub.

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