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Ghostrunner 2: Winds of the Desolate VR Jumping Puzzle Guide

Skip the Winds of the Desolate VR jumping puzzle in Ghostrunner 2 with these tips.

You’ll enter simulated VR worlds in Ghostrunner 2, and some of these present tough challenges in their own right. Our guide discusses how to complete the Winds of the Desolate VR jumping puzzle section in Ghostrunner 2.

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How to Complete the Jumping Puzzle in Winds of the Desolate in Ghostrunner 2

You can complete the Winds of the Desolate jumping puzzle in Ghostrunner 2 if you bypass the initial section with the immovable block. To be clear, the Winds of the Desolate level actually takes place in an overworld area outside of Dharma Tower. Early on, you’ll battle synth-type enemies, which are more akin to zombies. A bit later, you’ll need to hack into a terminal, which then teleports your character to a VR simulation.

How to Bypass the Initial Jumping Puzzle Area

As you proceed further into the VR world, a checkpoint will activate, and you’ll notice a lift that gives you a slight boost to reach a larger platform. To your right, you’ll see a large movable wall. The game does tell you that the Tempest ability should be able to push these types of objects, but the power itself won’t work.

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Believe me, I was confused when I reached this area. I kept using the Tempest power to no avail. Then, I realized that, instead of using Tempest, I should just hop on the crystalline blocks that comprise the pillar-like structures.

The blocks themselves move up and down, and you can reach them by dashing across gaps. Your character, Jack, should also be able to mantle, but you need to watch out if he moves sideways instead.

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Shortly thereafter, you should be able to cross the gap by way of the blocks, skipping the first section. From there, you’ll see smaller floating boxes, which you can interact with via your gap-jam grapple. Continue traversing the area until you’re able to hack the terminal to finish the level.

That covers everything you need to know about how to complete the Winds of the Desolate jumping puzzle in Ghostrunner 2. Next up, you’ll arrive at an even larger overworld area, which we discuss in our Pillars of Creation collectibles guide. For other tips and tactics, you can visit our GR2 guides hub.

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