Interested in getting the best gaming plush? Let us guide you in the right direction.

Gift Guide: Most Adorable Gaming Plushies

Interested in getting the best gaming plush? Let us guide you in the right direction.

Looking for a good gaming plush? These are some of the best gaming plushies out there. There are over a thousand to choose from, but we’ve narrowed it down to just a few of the best ones we think you should consider. Let’s look at some of the best gaming plushies out there. 

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Kirby Large Plush

Price: $31.99

Buy it on: ThinkGeek

This cuddly, stuffed plushy is perfect for a good night’s sleep. Kirby can help you drift into dreamland. This adorable plushy is best on your nice couch or in your video game cave. Kirby also provides hugs and snuggles. Let Kirby’s sweet, soft polyester material help you through your troubles.

Pokémon Snorlax Large Plush

Price: $24.99

Buy it on: ThinkGeek

Who's ready for a comfy, long nap? We sure are. With this large Snorlax pillow you can do just that. You'll never want to use the Poké Flute again. So, enjoy your nap with the king of sleeping.

Plush Mega Man

Price: $19.99

Buy it on: Game Over Videogames

Mega Man is the perfect desk buddy. Take him everywhere, or just enjoy his cute snuggles at home. This plushy is 8 inches and can fit in your bag or next to your heart. You and Mega Man can finally defeat Dr. Wily together, because who wouldn't want Mega Man as a new friend?


Mario 8-inch Plush

Price: $10.39

Buy it on: GameStop

Nintendo's famous mascot Mario is the best gift for the holidays. Let Mario cheer you on when playing your favorite game; he's the best couch buddy around. This Super Mario Bros star will always be the center of attention wherever you take him.

Final Fantasy VII Cloud Strife Mini Plush

Price: $18.95

Buy it on: Walmart

This 6-inch plush takes you back to the classic Final Fantasy series. You can save Midgar in style with his SOLDIER outfit and trusted Buster Sword. He’s a great accessory to your gaming collection and the best present for Final Fantasy fans everywhere.

Horizon: Zero Dawn Aloy 6-inch Plush

Price: $12.99

Buy it on: ThinkGeek

Bring Aloy home complete with the Nora Brave outfit and her Focus. She is the perfect gift for your desk. Keep Aloy by your side as she owns her new title as the Seeker. Both of you can join the tribe and stick together, even if it’s just through a long hug. 




Legend of Zelda 8-inch Plush 

Price: Link: $11.19; Zelda: $14.39

Buy it on: ThinkGeek

We all love heroes, so why not have options? Cuddle with Link, the Hero of Time, and join him to save the princess. Or enjoy sweet princess Zelda and sail the seas. The choice is yours, but the best gifts always come better in twos. 


I hope this this guide has given you many ideas for the best gift for whomever enjoys good games, whether they're old classics or new and exciting adventure games. There’s always room for a cuddly plushy to make its way into the hearts of many gamers. Be sure to pick up an adorable plush today. It’s the best companion anyone could have.

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