Goat Simulator: Locations to Collect All 30 Goat Trophies

Looking for goat trophies, special powers, new goat forms and easter eggs to unlock? Here's your guide.

Looking for goat trophies, special powers, new goat forms and easter eggs to unlock? Here's your guide.

Obsessed with Goat Simulator? So are we.

One of the first things you’ll probably notice while playing is all the golden goat statues scattered about. There are 30 to collect, and we’ll go over where to find them and some of the known / rumored trophy bugs below.

Goat Trophy Bugs & Changes

“Wait – are there 27 or 30 Trophies?”

Originally there were 27, then an update added 3 more. 

“Why can’t I get the Try Hard achievement?”

Some players have reported that they unlocked the original 27 trophies before Coffee Stain Studios added the last 3, and now they can’t unlock the “Try Hard” achievement that comes along with getting all the trophies. 

Having another problem with trophies? Share it in the comments and maybe we can help!

Goat Trophy Locations: Where to Find all 30

See the video from GameplayHow (above) for the specific techniques if you’re stuck on finding one of the golden goat statues, but here’s where you’ll find them:

  1. On the power lines near the road. 
  2. On top of the shed near the road (under the trophy that’s on the power lines. In fact, get on top of the shed and you’re halfway to trophy #1 already).
  3. Get to the top of the school building and find the bell. Use ragdoll to get underneath.
  4. Behind the shed near the school.
  5. In the bushes under the water slide at the dry pool.
  6. While you’re there, get the one at the top of the diving boards
  7. Outside the outhouse.
  8. Behind the goat standing in the first doorway of the tower with the spiral stairs that leads to goat castle.
  9. While you’re in goat castle, head to the right side of the throne room to score another trophy.
  10. As you leave the castle, don’t get so distracted summoning peasants that you skip the trophy on top of the electrical pole.
  11. There’s one in Coffee Stain Studios (of course)
  12. … And one more on the roof on top of the chimney.
  13. One in the gas station. You know, the one that blows up so nicely. 
  14. Inside the d$%mn shipping container that hangs from the crane. Headbutt the robot.
  15. While you’re there, get the one on the very top of the yellow crane too. (You’ll need the jetpack.)
  16. On the scaffolding that’s on the roof of the construction site.
  17. Still at the construction site? Good. On the ground part of the site, near to the road, you’ll find another shipping container with another trophy.
  18. Under the power tower near the Goatagram where you acquire the blood goat (this one is very hard to spot).
  19. Near the size changing pit.
  20. One near the fence by Goat Fightclub.
  21. In a tree. Start at the party and head towards the empty pool / rec center. You’ll encounter the tree along the way.
  22. In a greenhouse. (Sure there are a few of them, but wrecking them is fun. Happy hunting.)
  23. Behind the stage where the protestors are, well, protesting. 
  24. On top of the low gravity building, dodge the spinning arms.
  25. On the roof of the low gravity building.
  26. At the very top of the scaffolding that’s over the control area in the low gravity building.
  27. There’s one nestled behind the Boulder of Doom.
  28. Near your originial spawn point there is a house. In that house, there is a bedroom. In that bedroom is a trophy.
  29. Under a tree in the middle of the farm fields. 
  30. To the right of the big farm equipment in the fields, near the car.


Player questions were found on Steam’s Goat Simulator community page and Reddit’s r/GoatSimulator. We filled in the blanks on our own trophy finding abilities with the video from GameplayHow (YouTube linked in video above) and the Goat Simulator wiki on Gamepedia

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