Gotham Knights Crafting Guide

Fighting crime in Gotham Knights requires you to keep your caped crusaders equipped with the latest and greatest gear. Here's how to craft to do just that.

Fighting crime in Gotham Knights requires you to keep your caped crusaders equipped with the latest and greatest gear. Here's how to craft to do just that.
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One of the essential things to understand about Gotham Knights is that it is an action-RPG at its core. While your ability to dodge and punch the ne’er do wells that compose the gangs and crime syndicates of Gotham City is important, how effective you are is largely driven by stats. Character levels naturally increase over time, but the quality of your equipment requires much more direct intervention to keep pace. That’s where crafting, blueprints, and salvage come into play.

There’s a bit going on with these systems, and some of it could be clearer in-game. But that’s what this guide is meant to do: pull back the cowl on the Gotham Knights crafting system and help you get the most out of it.

How to Craft

Crafting requires Blueprints and Salvage (more on those later). When you put them together, you can create new armors, melee weapons, and ranged ordnance for each of the four playable members of the Bat-family. You are able to craft anytime you access the Batcomputer, even out on Patrol. However, you must be at the Belfry to equip your new items.

  • To craft, either open the Batcomputer and navigate to the Gear tab or access the workbench in the Belfry. Within the Gear tab, you’ll find four submenus, the second of which is labeled Crafting. 

Open that sub-menu, and choose between the Suit, Melee, and Ranged categories. A list of options will appear. Select the item you wish to craft, and if you have sufficient salvage, you can craft the gear on the spot. Repeat this for any other equipment you wish to produce. 

How to Get Blueprints

Crafting does you no good if you don’t have anything worth making. That’s where Blueprints come in. These plans are character-specific and drop with a fixed level. Over time, you’ll want to accumulate new blueprints for new suits and melee and ranged weapons, all scaled for your increasing level. 

Blueprints are primarily found as random drops. There’s no way to go out into the sandbox of Gotham City and find them in a specific location. They can come from three sources:

  • Quest and challenge rewards.
  • Defeating enemies.
  • Opening chests.

Any bad guy you knock out has a small chance to reward you with a Blueprint. However, mini-boss-type enemies, such as a Mob Godmother, seem to drop Blueprints at a much higher rate than the normal goons. 

Chests are most commonly found in Owl Nests or contained within mission areas. They also regularly appear in Premeditated Crime areas. Scanning with your AR visor will reveal nearby chests as outlines, making them easier to locate. They can also be found randomly across Gotham City in out-of-the-way places, so keep an eye out.

Obviously, quests will be completed as you progress through the story, while challenges require you to complete some specific actions, like defeating a certain number of drone pilots. You can go into the Challenges tab of your main menu, select a category, then highlight a specific Challenge to see its rewards.

There does seem to be a limit to the number of crafting blueprints you can hold at any given time, and over time, blueprints that you out-level will be deleted from your crafting list automatically

Where to Get Salvage

Salvage makes up your crafting materials, and there are 15 different types of Salvage to find. Like blueprints, they are necessary for creating new items. In general, these tend to come from the same sources as blueprints:

  • Enemies.
  • Chests.
  • Challenge/quest rewards.

However, unlike blueprints, you do have some control over what sort of salvage drops.

Within the Crafting menu under the Gear tab is a list of your current salvage. Placing your cursor over any of the salvage types will reveal which factions are known to drop them. Titanium Mesh, for example, comes from the Mob, while you are much more likely to find Khadym Steel while fighting the League of Shadows. Polymer and Nth Metal can drop from any faction. The former is extremely common, while the latter tends to be rare, and reserved for higher-difficulty settings. 

Here’s a complete list for quick reference: 

  • Polymer: Common; dropped by all factions.
  • Titanium Mesh: Uncommon; dropped by the Mob.
  • Graphene Fiber: Uncommon; dropped by the Regulators.
  • Organic Composite: Uncommon; dropped by the Court of Owls.
  • Industrial Solvent: Uncommon; dropped by the Freaks.
  • Khadym Steel: Uncommon; dropped by the League of Shadows.
  • Rare Earth Materials: Rare; dropped by the Mob.
  • Colloidal Crystal: Rare; dropped by the Regulators.
  • Electrum: Rare; dropped by the Court of Owls.
  • Accelerant: Rare; dropped by the Freaks.
  • Amalgam: Rare; dropped by the League of Shadows.
  • Promethium: Epic; dropped by the Regulators.
  • Programmable Nanocapsules: Epic; dropped by the Freaks.
  • Pseudoderm: Epic; dropped by the Mob.
  • Nth Metal: Legendary; dropped by all factions.

Once you’ve assembled your ideal Batfit, you may want to take to the streets with a friend, and perhaps chase some collectibles while you are at it. Regardless of your crime-fighting goals, check out our other Gotham Knights guides to make sure you are ready for whatever comes next.  

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