Gotham Knights Owl Puzzle Solution Guide

Here's the easiest and quickest way to solve the owl puzzle in Mission 2.2 of Gotham Knights.

Here's the easiest and quickest way to solve the owl puzzle in Mission 2.2 of Gotham Knights.

During Mission 2.2 in Gotham Knights, you’ll be tasked with infiltrating The Powers Club in Old Gotham. After you find the switches to operate the mechanism, revealing a pathway that snakes down beneath the club, you’ll follow the blood trail to a room with an Owl puzzle, which must be solved to move forward and learn more about the Court of Owls. 

There is a spotlight just as you enter the through the large doors, a stone table with candles and four rotating objects in the center, and a mural against the back wall. The goal is to use the spotlight to project the shadow of an owl on the mural by rotating the pieces in the center of the room. 

Each piece in the center has an accompanying switch; press it, and the selection rotates. 

  • The first owl piece rotates the claws.
  • The second owl piece rotates the body. 
  • The third owl piece rotates the large (foreground) wing.
  • The fourth owl piece rotates the small (background) wing.

Here, you want the owl to face the right, flying toward the masked Court of Owls members on the mural’s right side. Activate the switches so that the owl’s body and claws face the right and its wings are on the left. 

Easy Owl Puzzle Solution

It’s easy to overlook, but when you rotate a piece in the right direction, a yellow line appears underneath the stone table. If you use your AR scanning device, you’ll see gears hidden under the floor; each gear has two longer gear teeth on each side. These must be aligned to allow power to flow through the system, opening a hidden door at the mural. 

In short, you don’t have to fuss with getting the shadow right; instead, simply focus on aligning the gears so that the yellow line goes through all four owl pieces. The door will open automatically. 

And that’s how you solve the owl puzzle in Gotham Knights. As you delve deeper into The Powers Club, you’ll learn more about the Court of Owls and their role in Batman’s last case. For more, check out our collectibles guide and how to fast travel guide

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