The Yacht is the newest expensive addition to GTA Online. Here is everything you should know about them.

Grand Theft Auto Online Yacht FAQ

The Yacht is the newest expensive addition to GTA Online. Here is everything you should know about them.
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The inclusion of purchasable yachts in the world of Grand Theft Auto Online was probably one of the biggest features added in since the game launched. By now, most players have far more money than they know what to do with. Customizable apartments and new guns are wonderful and all, but buying an entire boat is where the game truly shines. Show off your skill and income by sticking it in other people’s faces!

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Costs, Functions, and Features

The Yacht is the brand new boat introduced in the recent Executives and Other Criminals Update. The yacht is a full-sized boat with numerous features, a massive bridge, three individual decks, a jacuzzi, and even a helicopter.

Players have a couple of options when speaking with the ship’s captain over the in-game phone, including:

  • Helicopter – the player can request a helicopter aboard their yacht, but it will cost them $1000 to have it waiting on the deck.
  • Boat – you can also request a boat to be delivered along the shoreline near an anchor point. It will always be a Dinghy, however. This will cost $750.
  • Vehicle – Alternatively, you can request your personal vehicle be delivered to the shoreline. This is free of charge.

To gain access to these options, though, you need to purchase the starting yacht for $6,000,000.

Can You Relocate?

The simple answer to the above question is: yes. The player is fully capable of relocating their brand new super yacht to a variety of unique locations. Such locations (and their individual costs) include:

  • Lago Zancudo – $25,000
  • North Chumash – $25,000
  • Pacific Bluffs – $25,000
  • Vespucci Beach – $25,000
  • Los Santos International Airport – $25,000
  • Terminal – $25,000
  • Palomino Highlands – $25,000
  • Tatavium Mountains – $25,000
  • San Chianski Mountain Range – $25,000
  • Mount Gordo – $25,000
Can You Customize?

Again, the answer is yes! You have a couple of options to customize your brand new yacht, each option has a variety of color options to further improve upon the ambient lighting, overall style, and more.

For example, you can select your lighting, which changes every single bulb on the boat to a specific color of your choosing. This works best at night, obviously.

Next, the player can choose their fittings, which include the handrails and whatnot along the yacht. Gold seems to be a personal favorite of many players, though it does add an extra $750,000 onto the cost.

Also, you are fully capable of changing the flag and the name of the flag flying on your yacht. The flags are all of a variety of countries, so yours will probably be there, too.

Lastly, you can select the overall color scheme of the entire boat, making it stand apart from your friend who decided to cramp your style and buy the same thing with their money. There are quite a few options, though white appears to be the most popular as of right now. That should change soon, thankfully.

Is There More Than One?

There are currently three purchasable yachts for the player to spend their hard-earned in-game money on. These include The Orion, The Pisces, and The Aquarius. Each one has its own increasing cost and very specific features and amenities.

The Orion:

  • Costs $6,00,000
  • Three guest rooms with en-suites
  • Large sun deck
  • Helipad
  • Shitzu Tropic
  • Speedophile Seashark

The Pisces:

  • Costs $7,000,000
  • Three guest rooms with en-suites
  • Large sun deck
  • 2 Helipads
  • Hot tub
  • Buckingham Swift Deluxe
  • Pegassi Speeder
  • Nagasaki Dinghy
  • 2 Speedophile Seasharks

The Aquarius:

  • Costs $8,00,000
  • Three guest rooms with en-suites
  • Large sun deck
  • 2 Helipads
  • Hot Tub
  • Buckingham SuperVolito Carbon
  • Nagasaki Dinghy
  • Lampadati Toro
  • 4 Speedophile Seasharks

Overall, any of the three purchasable yachts would be an interesting addition to your vast empire and collection. If you have the money to spend, then why not go for it!

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