Having trouble completing Vasco's quest line in GreedFall? Look no further. Here's how you finish Vasco's quests and get the Naut Uniform.

GreedFall Guide: How to Complete Vasco’s Sidequests, Get the Naut Uniform

Having trouble completing Vasco's quest line in GreedFall? Look no further. Here's how you finish Vasco's quests and get the Naut Uniform.

Vasco is one of your companions (and romance options, if you dig face tattoos) in GreedFall. In order to max out your relationship with him, you will need to complete his sidequests. Not only will you get the “Love and the Sea” trophy/achievement for completing these, but you’ll also get the Naut Uniform after the first sidequest. 

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Like all GreedFall companions, there are three of sidequests to complete during your playthrough. Here’s how you start and finish each of Vasco’s quests.

A Name for a Family

Vasco’s first quest, “A Name for a Family”, unlocks immediately after you speak with Constantin after arriving in Teer Fradee. Just speak with Vasco afterwards and run through the dialogue options to start the quest.

For this quest, you’ll want to obtain a Naut uniform. You can find one in the storeroom by the docks in Serene, or by fighting some thugs until you get it as a drop, or just by taking it off of Vasco himself.

Go to the Captain’s office in New Serene, and Vasco will suggest you acquire some sleeping potions. You can buy them or brew them yourself. Then, head to the tavern and speak to the brothel owner. You will either need to pass a charisma check or bribe him with 100 gold.

Put on your disguise and head to the docks. Head to the port master’s office (hop the fence if you need to) and head upstairs to find Vasco’s file. Speak with Vasco afterwards to finish the quest.

Family Reunion

This quest will open not long after completing the first — you may need to rest a night at camp to trigger it. Speak with Vasco and run through the dialogue options to begin.

Speak with Madame de Morange in New Serene. Her home is near the governor’s mansion. Afterwards, head to the clerk’s shop. Speak with the clerk and wither pay the bribe, use intuition, or use charisma to pass the check. Afterwards, head to Hikmet.

Go to Ferhat’s and head to the second floor. Speak with the man there, then approach the alchemist on the first floor. Pass the charisma check or, failing that, look for a letter in the nearby desk. Go back upstairs and ask about the thugs.

Head to the marked alley to find Bastien. You will have a few options to pay off the debt. You can pay 200 gold, ask for time to collect the money, use a charisma check, or pick a fight. Regardless of how you approach it, speak to Bastien again once it’s done and the quest will complete.

Forever a Naut

Vasco’s last quest will trigger shortly after finishing his others; again, you may need to sleep a night in order to open it up. Speak with Vasco until a new dialogue option appears in order to start the quest.

Speak with the admiral in New Serene, then head to Wenshawginaw. Follow the quest marker and you will find the shipwreck. You will need to interact with everything you can here – corpses, the cage, the hole in the ship – keep exploring until you are directed to a cave.

You will battle a tough boss here: you may need to come back if your level is not high enough. Dodge often and use your fury when you can.

Once the monster is defeated, find the ship’s logbook. Head back to New Serene and speak with the admiral again. Finally, head to the tattoo artist to finalize Vasco’s questline.

Oh, and don’t forget to invite that salty seaman to your room afterwards.

That’s all there is to completing Vasco’s questline in GreedFall and getting the “Love and the Sea” trophy/achievement, as well as the Naut Uniform. Check out our full GreedFall review right here, or head to our GreedFall guides to help aid you on your way.

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