Guess The 80’s! Answer Guide – Levels 1 Through 10

An answer guide for levels 1 to 10 for Guess The 80's.

An answer guide for levels 1 to 10 for Guess The 80's.
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Trivia! The 1980’s! Random Logic! What more could you want from Guess The 80’s?

So what is Guess The 80’s?

Have you played any of Random Logic’s games before? If so, you know what’s coming to you: a simple trivia game. And that’s all it is!

In a simple way, it’s very fun — and if you lived during the 80s or consider yourself a sort of 80s trivia master, you will have a great (and challenging) time, guaranteed. In many ways it is more difficult than Guess The Millennium and Guess The 90’s combined because of the 30-year gap!

Having trouble with the second half of the game? You can find the solutions to the next 10 levels here:

If a particular level is giving you trouble, you can click any one of these links to be taken down to its section directly. Convenience!

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Level 1 Answers

 Level 1 Stages Category  Answer
Level 1-1 Product Polaroid
Level 1-2 Tech & Electronics VHS
Level 1-3 Product Jellies
Level 1-4 Tech & Electronics Betamax
Level 1-5 Tech & Electronics IBM PC
Level 1-6 Product Calculator Watch
Level 1-7 Tech & Electronics Boombox
Level 1-8 Tech & Electronics Sony Walkman
Level 1-9 Wrestler Randy Savage
Level 1-10 Tech & Electronics Sony Watchman


Level 2 Answers

 Level 2 Stages Category  Answer
Level 2-1 Book The Joy Luck Club
Level 2-2 Toys Teddy Ruxpin
Level 2-3 Music The Cure
Level 2-4 Toys Hot Looks
Level 2-5 Toys Armatron
Level 2-6 Toys Roller Racers
Level 2-7 TV Shows Magnum PI
Level 2-8 Actor Judd Nelson
Level 2-9 Toys Glo Worm
Level 2-10 Music Belinda Carlisle


Level 3 Answers

 Level 3 Stages Category  Answer
Level 3-1 Music Madonna
Level 3-2 Actor Andrew McCarthy
Level 3-3 TV Shows MacGyver
Level 3-4 TV Shows Charles in Charge
Level 3-5 Toys Big Trak
Level 3-6 Athlete Walter Payton
Level 3-7 TV Shows Dukes of Hazzard
Level 3-8 Actor Anthony Hall
Level 3-9 Athlete Wayne Gretzky
Level 3-10 Food & Drinks Diet Coke


Level 4 Answers

 Level 4 Stages Category  Answer
Level 4-1 Video Games Duck Hunt
Level 4-2 Character Carmen Sandiego
Level 4-3 Music George Michael
Level 4-4 Actress Phoebe Cates
Level 4-5 Athlete Greg Louganis
Level 4-6 TV Shows Miami Vice
Level 4-7 Book The Bourne Identity
Level 4-8 TV Shows Small Wonder
Level 4-9 Music Interscope Records
Level 4-10 Music Duran Duran


Level 5 Answers

 Level 5 Stages Category  Answer
Level 5-1 Book Watchmen
Level 5-2 Product Giggles
Level 5-3 Characters Bill and Ted
Level 5-4 Technology Commodore 64
Level 5-5 Athlete Boris Becker
Level 5-6 Toys Kid Sister
Level 5-7 Tech & Electronics Motorola Dynatac
Level 5-8 Tech & Electronics ZX Spectrum
Level 5-9 TV Shows The Cosby Show
Level 5-10 Characters Jeff Spicoli


Level 6 Answers

 Level 6 Stages Category  Answer
Level 6-1 Movies Blade Runner
Level 6-2 Movies Sixteen Candles
Level 6-3 Wrestler Big Van Vader
Level 6-4 TV Shows Airwolf
Level 6-5 Movies Stand by Me
Level 6-6 Tech & Electronics Androbot Topo
Level 6-7 Movies Back to the Future
Level 6-8 TV Shows Square One
Level 6-9 Character Alf
Level 6-10 Music Bon Jovi


Level 7 Answers

 Level 7 Stages Category  Answer
Level 7-1 Movies Pretty in Pink
Level 7-2 Tech & Electronics Apple Macintosh
Level 7-3 Toys Game and Watch
Level 7-4 Food & Drinks Fruit Roll Ups
Level 7-5 TV Show St Elsewhere
Level 7-6 Character Ferris Bueller
Level 7-7 Model Carol Alt
Level 7-8 TV Shows Care Bears
Level 7-9 Actor Don Johnson
Level 7-10 Actor Rob Lowe


Level 8 Answers

 Level 8 Stages Category  Answer
Level 8-1 Book It
Level 8-2 Product Croakies
Level 8-3 TV Shows Reading Rainbow
Level 8-4 Character Jake Ryan
Level 8-5 Music New Edition
Level 8-6 Movies Die Hard
Level 8-7 Actor Eddie Murphy
Level 8-8 Athlete Larry Bird
Level 8-9 Movies Top Gun
Level 8-10 Model Kim Alexis


Level 9 Answers

 Level 9 Stages Category  Answer
Level 9-1 TV Shows Inspector Gadget
Level 9-2 Tech & Electronics Tomy Omnibot
Level 9-3 TV Shows Dallas
Level 9-4 Book The Alchemist
Level 9-5 Athlete Mike Tyson
Level 9-6 Model Janice Dickinson
Level 9-7 Video Games Tron
Level 9-8 Actress Demi Moore
Level 9-9 Music Boy George
Level 9-10 Book Beloved


Level 10 Answers

 Level 10 Stages Category  Answer
Level 10-1 Music The Bangles
Level 10-2 Actor Emilio Estevez
Level 10-3 TV Shows Bravestarr
Level 10-4 TV Shows Knight Rider
Level 10-5 Book Matilda
Level 10-6 Candy Airheads
Level 10-7 Wrestler Rick Rude
Level 10-8 Clothing & Apparel Reebok Pump
Level 10-9 Athlete Magic Johnson
Level 10-10 Toys Smooshies


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