Guess The Millennium Answers Guide – Levels 1 Through 5

All of the answers for Guess the Millennium levels 1 to 5.

All of the answers for Guess the Millennium levels 1 to 5.
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Need your trivia fix? Guess The Millennium brings a healthy dose of trivia on popular topics from the year 2000 to today!

So what is Guess The Millennium?

A trivia-junkie’s playhouse, just like most of Random Logic’s other Guess The mobile games.

Can you name which actors and actresses have been big since the year 2000 to today?  How about television shows? Music? Technology? You’ll find out as you push through Guess The Millennium’s gruelling trivia questions!

If you are playing Guess The 80’s and Guess The 90’s, I have made answer guides to those as well.

Having trouble with a particular level? You can click on any one of these links to be taken directly to the one causing you grief!

Level 1 ~ Level 2 ~ Level 3 ~ Level 4 ~ Level 5

If you are looking for the answers to some higher levels, you can find them in these links. They are laid out identically to this one!

Level 1 Answers

 Level 1 Stages  Category  Answer
Level 1-1 Clothing & Apparel Skinny Jeans
Level 1-2 Technology Apps
Level 1-3 Product Segway
Level 1-4 Product Plug Ins
Level 1-5 Clothing & Apparel Trucker Hat
Level 1-6 Movies Twilight
Level 1-7 Internet YouTube
Level 1-8 Athlete Michael Phelps
Level 1-9 Music Macklemore
Level 1-10 Actor Chris Hemsworth


Level 2 Answers

 Level 2 Stages Category  Answer
Level 2-1 President Barack Obama
Level 2-2 Book Divergent
Level 2-3 Actor Paul Walker
Level 2-4 Products GoPro
Level 2-5 Music Kanye West
Level 2-6 Gaming Xbox 360
Level 2-7 Famous Person Kim Kardashian
Level 2-8 Movies Shrek
Level 2-9 Athlete Tom Brady
 Level 2-10 Music Miley Cyrus


Level 3 Answers

 Level 3 Stages Category  Answer
Level 3-1 Internet Google
Level 3-2 TV Shows Mad Men
Level 3-3 Music Beyonce
Level 3-4 Model Adriana Lima
Level 3-5 Electronics Kindle
Level 3-6 Character Jack Sparrow
Level 3-7 TV Shows Walking Dead
Level 3-8 Music Lorde
Level 3-9 President George W Bush
Level 3-10 Music The Jonas Brothers


Level 4 Answers

 Level 4 Stages Category  Answer
Level 4-1 Video Games The Sims
Level 4-2 Video Games Resident Evil
Level 4-3 Internet eHarmony
Level 4-4 Internet eBay
Level 4-5 TV Shows Downtown Abbey
Level 4-6 Famous Person Pope Francis
Level 4-7 Video Games Farmville
Level 4-8 Movies Sherlock Holmes
Level 4-9 Video Games Max Payne
Level 4-10 TV Shows Gossip Girl


Level 5 Answers

 Level 5 Stages Category  Answer
Level 5-1 Clothing & Apparel New Era
Level 5-2 Movies The Help
Level 5-3 TV Shows Revenge
Level 5-4 Actor Shia Labeouf
Level 5-5 Airlines Jet Blue
Level 5-6 Author Stephenie Meyer
Level 5-7 Actress Rachel McAdams
Level 5-8 Character Katniss
Level 5-9 Video Games Portal
Level 5-10 Clothing & Apparel Heelys

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