Guess The Millennium Answers Guide – Levels 16 Through 20

All of the answers for Guess the Millennium levels 16 to 20.

All of the answers for Guess the Millennium levels 16 to 20.

Guess The Millennium brings a healthy dose of trivia on popular topics from the year 2000 to today, and this guide seeks to give you all the answers to levels 16 through 20.

This iteration of Random Logic’s popular trivia series doesn’t take us on so much of a nostalgia trip as it does of a recollection trip — can you remember the biggest tech, sites, and celebs from the past 14 years? We’ll find out!

As with my Guess The 80’s guide, I have chosen to skip including images for cleanliness. You visual memory people will live — just bring your phone to the computer with you to get the answers!

If a level in particular is giving you trouble, you can click on any one of these links to be taken down to the one you’re looking for.

Level 16 ~ Level 17 ~ Level 18 ~ Level 19 ~ Level 20

This page covers levels 16 to 20, but that is certainly not all we have! You can find the answers to the game’s other levels in the links below:

Level 16 Answers

 Level 16 Stages Category  Answer
Level 16-1 Movies Amelie
Level 16-2 Character Bane
Level 16-3 Technology Windows XP
Level 16-4 Products Elf on the Shelf
Level 16-5 Movies The Dark Knight
Level 16-6 App Games Angry Birds
Level 16-7 Movies Enchanted
Level 16-8 Food & Drink Rockstar
Level 16-9 Video Games Halo
Level 16-10 Model Miranda Kerr


Level 17 Answers

 Level 17 Stages Category  Answer
Level 17-1 Video Games Gears of War
Level 17-2 Clothing & Apparel LRG
Level 17-3 Electronics Apple Store
Level 17-4 Product Silly Bandz
Level 17-5 Music Video Get ur Freak on
Level 17-6 Character Ron Burgundy
Level 17-7 Movies Life of Pi
Level 17-8 Internet Gmail
Level 17-9 Clothing & Apparel Crocs
Level 17-10 Video Games Left 4 Dead


Level 18 Answers

 Level 18 Stages Category  Answer
Level 18-1 TV Shows Project Runway
Level 18-2 Electronics Blu Ray
Level 18-3 Music Pitbull
Level 18-4 Character Aldo Raine
Level 18-5 Board Games Ticket to Ride
Level 18-6 Internet Twitter
Level 18-7 Video Games Call of Duty
Level 18-8 Character Michael Bluth
Level 18-9 Toys Razor
Level 18-10 Gaming PS3


Level 19 Answers

 Level 19 Stages Category  Answer
Level 19-1 Music Katy Perry
Level 19-2 Famous People Donald Trump
Level 19-3 Famous People Hillary Clinton
Level 19-4 TV Shows The Wire
Level 19-5 Video Games Wii Sports
Level 19-6 Character Jacob
Level 19-7 Athete Roger Federer
Level 19-8 Technology Tivo
Level 19-9 TV Shows Prison Break
Level 19-10 Famous People Sarah Palin


Level 20 Answers

 Level 20 Stages Category  Answer
Level 20-1 TV Shows Big Brother
Level 20-2 Actor Daniel Radcliffe
Level 20-3 Gaming Game Boy Advance
Level 20-4 Music Christina Aguilera
Level 20-5 Character Olive Hoover
Level 20-6 Music Rihanna
Level 20-7 Gaming Nintendo Wii
Level 20-8 Products Beats
Level 20-9 Actor Elijah Wood
Level 20-10 TV Shows Greys Anatomy

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