Guild Wars 2 Daily Slay: Aquatic Lake

Go to the lake in Wayfarer Foothills to quickly complete the Aquatic Slayer achievement

In the dailies for Guild Wars 2 one of the common challenges is to kill twenty-five mobs underwater. It can be done anywhere, but there is one particular lake that will let you get it done faster than anywhere else. I am hesitant to give away the secret my friends and family have used for the last year, but I think this will help you get more achievement points, reward chests, and laurels.

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Getting There

 This pond is in Wayfarer Foothills between Darkriven Bluffs and Taigan Groves. It is one of the best hidden secrets in the game because there is a waypoint right next to it and if you don’t want to spend your money to teleport then it is very close to the entrance to Hoelbrak. The area is only level seven do you should be able to get there rapidly after starting Guild Wars 2 for the first time or when you roll a new character. You can find the unnamed little body of water on the map below. It’s so insignificant it never warranted a name, but it’s so powerful it’s my favorite location in the game so far.

 Why It’s Good

The magic of the lake is that it is tightly packed with low-level monsters that you can defeat quickly. If you go to this lake and it takes you more than four minutes to complete your daily then you are paying no attention to the game. The way Guild Wars 2 side-kicking works means that you keep your max-level armor and weapons when you go to low-level zones so you should be able to quickly tear through the barracuda in Aquatic Slayer Lake. You’ll get high level experience so you can farm that here too. Honestly, check it out. You won’t be disappointed my how powerful that lake makes you feel.

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