Find all of the hidden collectibles in the Foundation mission in Halo Infinite with the help of this guide.

Halo Infinite: All Foundation Collectibles & Locations

Find all of the hidden collectibles in the Foundation mission in Halo Infinite with the help of this guide.

There are four Foundation collectibles in Halo Infinite. Their locations are hidden throughout the level, and one is a real pain to get to, requiring expert use of the Grapple Shot and a lot of patience. You’ll definitely want a guide handy to make sure you don’t overlook any of these hidden items, especially if you want to get every piece of lore or make Master Chief as powerful as he can be. 

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Grabbing these collectibles and hidden items in Foundation will also put you on the path to nabbing a few achievements, too:  

  • Catacomb: “Collect all hidden Skulls.”
  • Know Your Enemy: “Unlock all Banished Audio Logs.”
  • Canon Collector: “Unlock all UNSC Audio Logs.”

In Foundation, you’ll find four total collectibles: 3x Audio Logs (2x UNSC and 1x Banished) and 1x Skull.

Remember that you can always use Scan to look for collectibles in the immediate surrounding area. Press “Z” on PC (mouse and keyboard) and down on the directional pad on controller. Collectibles like Audio Logs will light up with orange outlines, and Skulls will show up as blue dots. Though, not all are visible depending on their locations. 

All Halo Infinite Foundation Collectibles Locations

UNSC Audio Log: The Question

Like the UNSC Audio Log found on Warship Gbraakon, you’ll pick this collectible up automatically as you play through Foundation. You do not need to find it within the level itself. 

Cowbell Skull

  • Skull effect: “Acceleration from explosions is increased.”

For this hidden Skull collectible, make your way through Foundation. You’ll eventually come to a room full of Cylix tablets floating from left to right. Continue through them and pick up the weapon you’re after at the end.

Ride the elevator up after the cutscene, and follow the critical path forward through the next door and hallway. At the end of the hallway, go through the door and then left through the corridor. Kill the enemies.

Turn right and stand between the two massive support beams on this platform. Look up to see a ledge in blue light high up on the ceiling. Grapple up to the ledge using the support beams to find the Skull. You’ll probably die a lot for this collectible. 

Banished Audio Log: Escharum’s Testimony — Cylix

Like the next collectible in Foundation, this one is incredibly easy to find. After retrieving the data, follow the path forward and construct the bridge. Once on the other side, defeat the enemies. But don’t go through the door yet. The Banished Audio Log collectible is sitting on a rectangle crate to the left of the door heading toward the objective.

UNSC Audio Log: The Prisoner — Not My Fault

From the Banished Audio Log collectible in Foundation, follow the path to the gravity lift and take it up. Continue along and pick up the Mjolnir shield upgrade from the dead Spartan. In the next room, you’ll need to power an elevator. 

Fight through the enemies to make it to the elevator in the back of the room. Before you can take it up and finish the level, you’ll need to find a power seed. From the elevator controls, scan to mark the path to the power seed. The UNSC Audio Log collectible is on the ground to the left of the power seed.

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Those are all of the hidden collectibles in Foundation in Halo Infinite. There are many other locations to find throughout the campaign, including those for additional audio logs and skulls, as well as Towers, Armories, and more. For more tips, head over to our Halo Infinite guides hub.

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