Wondering where all of the hidden collectibles and items are in Ransom Keep in Halo Infinite? Here's how to find their locations.

Halo Infinite: All Ransom Keep Collectibles & Locations

Wondering where all of the hidden collectibles and items are in Ransom Keep in Halo Infinite? Here's how to find their locations.

There are five Ransom Keep collectibles in Halo Infinite. Ransom Keep isn’t part of a campaign mission but instead a point of interest on the Zeta Halo open-world map. You’ll discover its location during the initial portion of the Tower mission, where you capture your first Forward Operating Base. It’s located just southwest of FOB Golf on the map.

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In Ransom Keep, you’ll find five total collectibles: 2x UNSC Audio Logs, 2x Banished Audio Logs, 1x Spartan Core.

Remember that you can use Scan to look for collectibles in the immediate surrounding area. Press “Z” on PC (mouse and keyboard) and down on the directional pad on controller. Collectibles like Audio Logs will light up with orange outlines, and Skulls will show up as blue dots. 

All Halo Infinite Ransom Keep Collectibles Locations

UNSC Audio Log 1 — Outpost Intel: To Andrew Valleros

Facing Ransom Keep from the eastern side, you’ll see a bridge connecting the main area with a cliff on the left side. To the left of that is a path that goes into the cliffs. Take that path. When the terrain descends into a small valley, you’ll see several red and grey crates. Go past them, all the way down to the end of the path. The UNSC Audio Log collectible is on the ground.

Spartan Core

From the first UNSC Audio Log collectible, turn around and go all the way down the path until the valley opens up with a portion of Ransom Keep in front of you. Turn right, and you’ll see some wreckage on the ground, as well as some weapons and ammo crates. The Spartan Core collectible is in the debris right at the valley opening.

UNSC Audio Log 2 — Outpost Intel: Making Ends Meet

Use the Grapple Shot to climb up the climb above the Spartan Core. At the top, grapple across the valley to the cliff on the other side. Jump across a small gap to find the UNSC Audio Log collectible nestled on the cliffside in some broken logs. It is near a BR75 and other weapons. 

Banished Audio Log 1 — Outpost Intel: The Dream of Atriox

While still on the cliff at the second UNSC Audio Log, look toward Ransom Keep (northeast). Scan, and go to the yellow objective marker on the far right side of the area (just across the bridge from the Spartan Core). When you cross the bridge, turn right. You’ll see some tank parts on a rack directly in front of you. The Banished Audio Log collectible is leaning against the left side of the rack. 

Banished Audio Log 2 — Outpost Intel: Unnatural Defenses

Now raise and destroy all four fuel silos in Ransom Keep. Once you’ve done that, you’ll need to sabotage two repair bays. One is in the southwestern portion of the area and another is in the northeastern portion. To open the door to the northeastern repair bay, you must destroy a power coupling in an adjacent building. The Banished Audio Log collectible is in this building against the left wall when you enter.

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And there you have it: all of the hidden collectibles in Ransom Keep. There are plenty more of these to pick up throughout Halo Infinite, whether you want to learn more about the game’s lore or are achievement hunting. Click on the links above for more mini-walkthroughs or head over to our Halo Infinite guides hub for more tips.

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