He Went to Jared – Diamonds in Black Ops: 2

Tips for unlocking Gold and Diamond Camos!

Gold and Diamonds are Forever

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The shiny bling makes lesser gamers quake before you and rage during kill cams. It shows off not only your skill, but your flawless style. Who wouldn’t want to bedazzle their gun with priceless rocks?

Even though Black Ops: 2 has been out for several months, I know many are still struggling to get those elusive diamonds. Here I will break down some set ups to use to help you get those kills and bragging rights.

These are the class setups I used to get diamonds. They might not work for everyone, but will give you an idea of what to aim for (no pun intended). Basically these choices help counter potential weaknesses of the gun while reinforcing their strengths.


Every Kill begins with K

Assault Rifles

The bread and butter of BO2. Most of these guns have great range and even better stopping power. The only problem is their slower Aim Down Sight (ADS) speed and slow firing rate.

Perk 1 (Lightweight) Always a smart class to use (as you will see). It allows you to move quickly around maps, outflank enemies, or even escape if pinned down

Perk 2 (Toughness/Fast Hands/ Scavenger) Any of these perks could work depending on how you play. I prefer toughness, because it might give you that edge in a life or death shootout

Perk 3 (Dexterity/ Extreme Conditioning) This is a tough choice. I usually choose Dexterity, as it allows ADS to be cut in half (which turns out to be milliseconds, but can matter when you turn a corner and are staring down the barrel of a gun). Of course you can always have your cake and eat it too by choosing the Perk 3 Greed Wildcard. It is whatever you think is suitable for that particular gun.

Attachments: (this will vary from gun to gun so these are general recommendations for each gun type)

Quick Draw– Faster ADS, which is a huge plus for Assault rifles

Fore grip– Better aiming means more head shots

Wild Card Primary Gunfighter– Adjustable stock/ Fast Mag/ Any type of sight     


Secondary: Should not be needed but a B23R will come in handy in an emergency.

Lethals: Grenade/Semtex/Bouncing Betty

Tacticals: Concussion/ EMP


Light Machine Guns

The heavy firepower in the game. Able to put a lot of bullets downrange FAST, the LMG can also be used as a suppressive weapon to hold back enemies and allow allies to move up. The problem is these bad boys are heavy and take even longer to ADS.

Perk 1 (Lightweight) Again speed is a key factor here. With a LMG you will be the slowest in the pack and unable to maneuver around the battle space properly. If you switch to your knife at the beginning of a match, it will give you an even better advantage. You can reach objectives faster and lay down fire as teammates capture.

Perk 2 (Toughness/Fast Hands) Again that Toughness will come in handy when you are getting shot at. The Fast Hands are helpful when you carry tactical grenades for a one-two punch against swarming enemies.

Perk 3 (Dexterity/ Extreme Conditioning) I would highly recommend using the Perk 3 Greed in this situation, as the more speed you have, the better. If I were to go with one, I would choose the Extreme Conditioning.


Fore grip– What’s the point of sending all those bullets at the enemy if they don’t even hit?

Any sight– Whatever one works best for you. It’s a plus for those long engagements that would usually have a LMG beat. I prefer EOTech sights with green crosshairs.

Wild Card Primary Gunfighter– Full Metal Jacket/ Quick Draw


Secondary: If you are working on shooting down aircraft, carrying a launcher would be recommended with a LMG

Lethals: Grenade/Semtex/Bouncing Betty/ C4

Tacticals: Concussion/ EMP/ Smoke Grenade


Sub Machine Guns

My personal favorites. What they lack in stopping power, they make up for with quick fire. Fast and deadly, with the proper perks you can make even the most hardened players cussing at their screen while you rack up the kills.

Perk 1 (Lightweight/ Ghost) Either choice could work depending if you want to flash around the map or slip into the shadows after an attack. I would go with the former, but don’t underestimate the stealth option.

Perk 2 (Fast Hands/ Scavenger) You are going to want to use Tacticals with this class. In addition, SMGs usually eat up ammo quickly so you can be left with an empty paperweight on the field at the worst time. If I had to choose, I would lean to the latter.

Perk 3 (Dexterity/ Extreme Conditioning/ Engineer) The Perk 3 Greed Dex./EC combo is highly useful with the class, so I recommend it, but don’t forget the usefulness of Engineer. You are going to be running around the map, so it’s possible you will run into all kinds of enemy traps.


Quick Grip– Faster ADS will help you in enemy SMG confrontations.

Laser Sight– Spraying isn’t always advised but it will definitely pay off with this attachment

Wild Card Primary Gunfighter– Extended Mags/ Fast Mags /Fore grip/ Adjustable stock/ Long Barrel- There are many ways to utilize this class so don’t be afraid to try different specs.                               


Secondary: Will not be needed

Lethals: Semtex/Bouncing Betty

Tacticals: Concussion/ EMP/ Tactical Insertion


Sniper Rifles

We can’t all do trick shots, no scopes, or even quick scopes. This class set up is for those who want to take it a little slower, while not necessarily camping (because you WILL be hunted if you camp). Unless you know team mates are supporting your flanks, don’t stay in one spot or stare down the scope for too long.

Perk 1 (Ghost/Lightweight) The way I approached these guns was from a stealth perspective. It’s possible to run around with some of the guns with larger clips so Lightweight is also a viable option.

Perk 2 (Toughness/ Cold Blooded) Nothing pisses me off more than when I line up a shot, only to have it miss because my character flinched. If you are going for the super stealth option, the later choice is great to help you set up shop.

Perk 3 (Tactical Mask/ Extreme Conditioning) When using the shock charge tactical, you run risk of shocking yourself, so use TM as a safety. Extreme conditioning will save your butt if you’re running around with a heavy sniper as well.


Suppressor– Especially in Hardcore, Sniper damage is ridiculously high. Adding a suppressor will still kill most people with one shot. Stay hidden but remember the bullet trails can still give away your position.

Ballistic CPU– Cant hurt to have a little insurance for your shot.

Wild Card Primary Gunfighter– Zoom/FMJ


Secondary: B23R or KAP-40 to get you out of sticky situations. In Hardcore a Five- Seven will work as well

Lethals: Claymore/Bouncing Betty

Tacticals: Shock Charge



A tricky class to honest. Besides the regular Remington, you have rapid fire shotguns and the slug firing KSG. Regardless you are going to want these classes to move and hit fast. I would recommend using this class solely in Hijacked until you get a feel for the weapons.

Perk 1 (Lightweight) Hit them fast, run away faster.

Perk 2 (Fast Hands) You want to use Tacticals with this class. Keep your hands free when you are planting them so you don’t get caught with your pants down.

Perk 3 (Dexterity/ Extreme Conditioning/ Engineer) The Perk 3 Greed Dex./EC combo is still useful, but don’t forget the Engineer. You are going to be running around the map, so don’t want to get a claymore to the face when you are trying to flank.


Laser sight- will help you when you round corners or when you cant bother to aim

Long barrel- this is a short ranged weapon. Having that extra distance could mean the difference between a kill or an assist.

Wild Card Primary Gunfighter– Fast Mags                                                                              


Secondary: Will not be needed

Lethals: Claymore/Bouncing Betty

Tacticals: Shock Charge/ EMP/ Tactical Insertion



Assault Shield

Many gamers have pulled their hair out and sunk their K.D ratio into the toilet trying to get this weapon gold. The trick to this is to remember to lead with the left side of your shield and crouch at the first sign of danger. Seriously. Also keep to closed confined spaces, as popping out into the open makes you a sitting duck. Buildings and corners are your friends, remember to use them. Use this setup in Hardcore, as it only takes 1 hit to kill someone with a shield.

Perk 1 (Lightweight & Flak Jacket) You want to move fast and you want to prevent your enemies from getting easy kills. Many times they will throw their lethal to kill you. Show them no fear as you sprint right through their grenade.

Perk 2 (Fast Hands) Concussions will buy you a few seconds to sprint around and kill a stunned enemy. If you don’t have this perk, you WILL die as you throw your tactical.

Perk 3 (Tactical Mask & Extreme Conditioning/ Engineer) You need the mask to prevent you from being stunned by either your own or the enemies tacticals. If you don’t have it you will break your controller in frustration


Secondary: Its smart to carry a B23R or KAP-40 as a backup if things go south. I know many will want a second tactical, but trust me this is a far better use of your slot

Lethals: None

Tacticals: Concussion/ Shock Charge



I would recommend ranking this up in a game of Sticks and Stones. It is a hard weapon to use even in Core, but truly satisfying to get gold. Remember that the bolts have a slight gravitational dip, which makes it seem like they are not shooting straight. Learn to estimate the fall rate and you will be scoring kills in no time. As tempting as it is to use the Tri-bolt attachment, remember that it uses 3 ammo each shot so you only get one or two reloads.

Perk 1 (Lightweight) You are going to be running a lot with this weapon. Don’t choose Flak Jacket as it will not protect you as much as you might think.

Perk 2 (Toughness & Scavenger) You will run out of ammo fast so scavenger is a must. Toughness will prevent your shots from going wide over those long range engagements.

Perk 3 (Extreme Conditioning) Run Forrest run!


Zoom– best attachment. Can be used for long range shots that would miss with Dot sight or even ACOG

Lethals: Claymore/Bouncing Betty

Tacticals: EMP/ Shock Charge


Ballistic Knife/ Combat Knife

Again, Sticks and Stones is a great mode to work on these. You HAVE to play core or most of the time you will not get close enough to score a kill. Speed is the name of the game. Don’t get discouraged, this one takes either patience or a good group of team mates.

Perk 1 (Lightweight & Ghost) It advances like the wind… it is formless like the dark; it strikes like thunder. – The Art of War

Perk 2 (Scavenger) Pick up extra Knife shots. If using the Combat Knife, you can add an extra second tactical grenade instead of this perk.

Perk 3 (Extreme Conditioning)- Don’t get caught if you  bring a knife to a gun fight

Wildcard– Tactician

Tacticals: 2X Shock Charges, 1 EMP



Now this is a fun, albeit annoying (for the enemy) class. If you have noticed a theme throughout this piece, its run fast and run far. You are going to want to use Secondary Gunfighter with these guns to give you the best advantage. Don’t be afraid to shoot from afar, since pistols still pack a punch (especially in Hardcore).

Perk 1 (Lightweight) – “Where did he go??”

Perk 2 (Fast Hands) – “Hes like a Ninja!”

Perk 3 (Dexterity & Extreme Conditioning)- “Why won’t he die?!”


Long Barrel- you can score kills from ridiculous distances with this attachment on the pistol

Laser Sight– and you will score ridiculously lucky kills spraying up close

Lethals: None

Tacticals: Concussion/ EMP


Typhoon and Above

When you finally unlock Typhoon Camo, the real challenge begins. I find it quicker to run a class with no attachments OR perks, to knock out those Cherry Blossom and Art of War Camos out quickly. Instead pick Tactician and choose shock charges (to help you stun if you are taking it slow for a Bloodthirsty) and EMPs (in case an enemy score streak is giving you trouble). Once you have unlocked those two you can revert back to original set ups.


Wanna get paid? Move it!

So thats it! Seems simple enough right? Good luck to you all, and I hope that these tips will help you. But remember, NO MERCY!


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