Want to explore Hellpoint with a friend or battle each other to the death? Here's how to get a multiplayer match going, both online and local.

Hellpoint Multiplayer Guide: How to Set Up PvP, Co Op

Want to explore Hellpoint with a friend or battle each other to the death? Here's how to get a multiplayer match going, both online and local.
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One of the best aspects of Hellpoint is the level of control players have over multiplayer. A friend can jump into a game, either locally or online, for a quick PvP match or to help you progress through the main game in co op.

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Unfortunately, the Hellpoint servers weren’t quite prepared when when the game first launched. This meant that one of the game’s promised features wasn’t accessible right away, but a patch not long after got everything under control.

If you’re trying to set up a multiplayer game in Hellpoint, whether online or in local co op, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s how you do it.

Setting Up Local Hellpoint Multiplayer

Luckily, setting up a local multiplayer game is pretty simple. Load the saved game you wish to play, then plug a second controller in. Make sure you already have a second character made; that’s what the other player will use in local co op. 

On that second controller, hit the Pause/Menu button, and it will pull up a character select menu. Simply choose which character the second player would like to join as, and they should pop into the game.

Remember that local MP is played in split-screen, so you’ll want to make sure you’ve got a big enough screen that you can both see comfortably. 

Setting Up Hellpoint Online Multiplayer

Things get a little trickier with online multiplayer, mainly because it’s buried in a place you might not expect to find it.

To host or join a multiplayer game, you’ll need a match code. To find your match code, open the Expressions Menu.

This is done through the Back/Select button, or by pressing “T” if you’re playing on a mouse and keyboard setup. Once that menu is open, select the Online tab, and you’ll see your match code. Share that with whoever you want to play with.

If you are joining someone else’s online game, you’ll also go to the Online tab of the Expressions Menu, and you’ll select Enter Match.

You’ll be prompted to enter the match code that the host provided, then state whether you’re playing cooperatively or PvP. The host will then be prompted to allow you to join the game.

As of this writing, online multiplayer is still being ironed out, but it is up and running. The developers have indicated this is one of their central priorities, so keep trying and you’ll be slaying together in no time!

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