Her Story – Using the BLANK tag or the game’s files to see all videos

There are a couple ways around the guessing game in Her Story.

There are a couple ways around the guessing game in Her Story.

Her Story is fairly engaging, but figuring out all the words to see all the videos can be a real headache. If you feel like you understand what’s going on, but want to see all the videos for curiosity or completion purposes, keep reading.

There are two methods you can use to view all of the videos in Her Story, aside from guessing and associating words until you get lucky. One of these can be done in-game (and hence will give you the achievement), and the other is easily done in the game’s folders. We’ll start with the in-game method first, using the ‘blank’ tag.

The ‘blank’ tag method

Let’s say you have either gone through all the words you can think of and want to get the last few videos for completion purposes, or you’re just lazy and want to have Her Story‘s videos laid in front of you five videos at a time. You’re going to want to make good use of the ‘blank’ tag.

I myself had to resort to this method, because there were three videos I just could not figure out how to unlock. After a couple hours of attempts, I was just tired of it.

When you click on a video in-game, you can see the User Tags, which by default is a lone word: ‘BLANK’. Every video in the game has the ‘blank’ tag, and searching for it brings the videos up in chronological order.

So how you do this is, you watch a video and then remove the ‘blank’ tag after you’ve seen it. You move onto the next one and do the same thing, through the five search results you’re given. Once you’ve watched all five and deleted their tags, you can search for ‘blank’ again to get the next five videos.

This can be a bit irritating and time-consuming, but it’s the easiest way to get to clips you just can’t figure out how to watch. There are 271 videos total, meaning you are going to be at it for a while.

If you’re not so much interested in getting the Detective Chief Inspector achievement and instead just want to see everything in chronological order, I recommend going into the game’s files instead.

Watching the videos in the game’s files

This is much easier if you just want to watch Hannah’s story unfold in order without having to deal with all the tag stuff.

The game’s files can be found in the following directory:

C:Program Files (x86)SteamSteamAppscommonHER STORYHerStory_DataStreamingAssets

From here, you can choose the first file, D101, to start from the beginning and watch all the way through using your video player of choice. I use Media Player Classic, which is light on resources and allows you to set it to continue to play one video after the other, in order, when opening just one. This can be done in the Play menu.

Hopefully one of these methods help you get to those last elusive videos in Her Story or just let you see how she explains it all in order.

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