Start getting better items by learnign crafting and using recipes with the help of our guide to Hobo: Tough Life.

Hobo: Tough Life Crafting Recipes Guide

Start getting better items by learnign crafting and using recipes with the help of our guide to Hobo: Tough Life.
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There are many aspects of survival in Hobo: Tough Life. You will find lots of useful items on the ground, but the best ones can only be crafted. Some items can be crafted on your own, but others can only be taught by specific NPCs. This guide will provide you with the list of the crafting recipes available in Hobo: Tough Life.

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Knowing the recipes will help you get the required items much earlier in the game, so when you come to an NPC who teaches you the recipe, you will already have all the necessary ingredients to work with and get cracking on that crafting.

Master Hobo Crafting Recipes

Master Hobo is one of the most important NPCs in the game. He not only provides you with most of your crafting recipes, but also provides you with tons of survival tips.

Master Hobo can be found in the southwestern part of Zikzov.

Personal Drawing 1x Paper
5x Tempura Paint
Better Bedding 1x Strange Fabric
5x Junk
Comfortable Bedding 10x Strange Fabric
10x Junk
Useful Junk 5x Junk
5x Useless Junk
Strange Fabric 10x Fabric
1x Duct Tape
Remarkable Fabric 10x Strange Fabric
3x Duct Tape
The Macho Toast 1x Rat
5x Spice
30x Deluxe Scrap Food
Shot Sparrows 1x Bird
5x Spice
30x Deluxe Scrap Food
Goulash Special 1x Cat
5x Spice
30x Deluxe Scrap Food
Milled With Potatoes 1x Rat
5x Spice
5x Potted Meat
30x Scrap Food
Tasty Delicious 1x Delicious
3x Rolls
10x Deluxe Scrap Food
Great Lifebringer 1x Lifebringer
1x Beer Can
1x Herbs


Mako Maisner Crafting Recipes

Maisner is the second most important NPC in Hobo: Tough Life after Master Hobo. This character will provide you with many quests, who can also sell you many useful items.

Mako Maisner lives inside The Pit.

Recycled Smoke 2x Junk
5x Cigarette Butts
Delicious 1x Roll
20x Scrap Food
Life Bringer 5x Liquid
5x Other Liquid


Other Crafting Recipes

During your survival game you will stumble upon the character of Drax, who makes furniture. He can teach you how to make Picklocks with the help of a single piece of Useful Junk.

You will also meet an NPC named Monty during the Monty’s Apprentice quest. This character will provide you with a recipe for repairing such items like radio, kettle, keyboard, headphones, and others:

  • 1x Broken Item
  • 5x Useful Junk
  • 5x Electrical Part
  • 5x Duct Tape

The rest of the items can be crafted on your own without the need to search for NPCs.

Bandage 10x Cloth
Cardboard Bedding 20x Junk
Makeshift Poncho 15x Fabric
5x Duct Tape
Better Poncho 1x Strange Fabric
20x Fabric
8x Duct Tape
Plastic Garbage Poncho 5x Plastic Bags
5x Duct Tape
Healing Tea 6x Herb
3x Lemon
Weak Tea 3x Herb
1x Lemon
Deluxe Scrap Food 10x Scrap Food


Hopefully, these crafting recipes for Hobo: Tough Life will help you survive more effectively. If you enjoyed reading this guide, then consider giving it a share!

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