How to find Daedalian Keys and unlock house cabinets in Hogwarts Legacy.

Hogwarts Legacy: Daedalian Key Locations Guide – Where to Find All Keys

How to find Daedalian Keys and unlock house cabinets in Hogwarts Legacy.

There are quite a few items flying around the halls of Hogwarts in Hogwarts Legacy. One of these items are winged keys, known as Daedalian keys. Needed to open cabinets around the castle, here are all the flying key locations.

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All Daedalian Key Locations in Hogwarts Legacy

Daedalian Keys Quest

While traveling around the castle, look out for Gryffindor student Nellie Oggspire in the Transfiguration Courtyard to start a quest about the Daedalian keys. She explains the history of the flying keys, but says she gave up trying to unlock any cabinets. She also tells you a key is fluttering around the Astronomy Wing. Once you unlock one of the cabinets, return to Nellie where she will tell you that you now have a house token used to unlock your house chest. Deposit the token into your chest in order to complete this part of the quest and spawn the rest of the Daedalian Keys around the castle.

Daedalian Key Locations

To find a key, listen carefully for the sound of fluttering wings, similar to the sound of a snitch from the movies. If you are having difficulty, consider turning on the Audio Visualizer in the accessibility section of the options settings. Once you hear and then see the key, get close as possible to trigger it to fly towards its connected cabinet. 

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  • Astronomy Wing: This is the easiest to find since you can use “The Daedalian Keys” quest tracker.
  • Central Hall: This key is flying in the northern corner of Central Hall, before the door to the greenhouses.
  • Defense Against the Dark Arts Tower: This key is fluttering about the rhinoceros skeleton.
  • Dungeons 1: The easiest way to get this Daedalian Key is after completing the “Jackdaw’s Rest quest when you exit in the dungeons. Take a left down the stairs and head down the.
  • Dungeons 2: This key hangs out around the sleeping dragon statue in the dungeons. If you go to find this key immediately after getting the 1st dungeon house cabinet unlocked, you want to continue down the corridor and head left  until you come across the statue.
  • Entrance Hall: This one hangs out at the top of the entrance hall stairs.
  • Grand Staircase: Climb the Grand Staircase until you are 2/3rds of the way up. The Daedalian key should zip by you heading back downstairs.
  • Great Hall: The flying key is in front of the fireplace on the opposite side of the room from the Floo Flame.
  • Library: Enter the library through the left side entrance then take a left. The key is near the fireplace on the right side between two bookshelves.
  • North Hall: Enter from the Transfiguration Courtyard. The key is near the stairs and globe.
  • Potions Classroom: This key must like potions as it is flying right in front of the classroom entrance.
  • Quad Courtyard: Starting at the Quad Courtyard Floo Flame, go past the serpent fountain and up the three stone staircases.
  • Viaduct Entrance: Go into the Viaduct and head to the left. The key is hiding under the stairs. 
Progression Locked Keys

These Daedalian Keys are behind doors requiring the Alohomora spell to unlock. Alohomora becomes available as part of “The Caretaker’s Lunar Lament” main storyline quest

  • Clock Tower Lower: Go to the Clock Tower via the gate near the Crossing Wands duel area, go up the stairs and take a left. The key is at the end of the hall.
  • Clock Tower Upper: Head to the top of the Clock Tower. The key is below where the entrance to the Faculty Tower is. This key will fly to a cabinet in the Hospital Wing, which becomes accessible during “The Caretaker’s Lunar Lament”.
  • Faculty Tower: This key can be found while doing “The Caretaker’s Lunar Lament” quest. When you are sneaking in the tower to find the Demiguise Statues you will climb a set of stairs that has a prefect at the top facing a puzzle statue. Stealth forward and you should hear the wings of the Daedalian Key flutter off. 

How to Unlock House Cabinets Using Daedalian Keys

Once you find a key and follow it to a cabinet, what do you do then? 

The key will stay in front of the cabinet until you attempt to open it. The key will then fly around the face of the cabinet as you try to “slap” it into the hole. Timing is what matters here as you want to slap it when it is about to fly over the hole to unlock it.

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Why Unlock House Cabinets?

House cabinets contain house tokens. When you have all 16 house tokens you are able to unlock your house chest located inside your common room. The house chest contains a Relic House uniform emblazoned with your house crest.

Finding all the Daedalian Keys in Hogwarts Legacy can take some time and be easily forgotten about. With this guide to all the locations you can quickly and efficiently find all the keys and unlock the cabinets. If you found this helpful, take a look at our other Hogwarts Legacy guides.

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