Here's how to catch and tame the magical beasts that run rampant throughout the world of Hogwarts Legacy.

Hogwarts Legacy: How to Tame and Catch Beasts

Here's how to catch and tame the magical beasts that run rampant throughout the world of Hogwarts Legacy.

Hogwarts Legacy has included potions brewing, broom flying, and screeching mandrakes in its adaptation of the Harry Potter universe. Magical Beasts, and the ability to tame them, is another inclusion. Here’s how to tame and catch beasts in Hogwarts Legacy

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Your first encounter with magical beasts during the “Go to Beasts Class” quest, which triggers after completing Rackham’s first trial. The Beasts Classroom is outside, located near the Flying Classroom area. 

You will will gain two new “spells” to conjure up a brush and treats in class. Use these on beasts to tame them and increase your relationship. Poppy Sweeting from Hufflepuff will be the one showing you around to the beast pens. She will also bring you to meet Highwing, a Hippogriff she is friendly with. After the class you can interact with the other animals in the pens. 

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How to Catch Beasts in Hogwarts Legacy

Caring for magical beasts kept at Hogwarts isn’t all you can do. After completing the quest “The Helm of Urtkot”, you will receive an owl from Professor Weasley saying Deek has something for them in the Room of Requirement. This triggers “The Elf, The Nab-Sack, and the Loom” quest. 

On first encounter, you’ll notice Deek is holding a rather ordinary looking bag that he calls the Nab-Sack. Explaining that he knows what is it from his time being owned by a poacher, the Nab-Sack is used to catch beasts. Deek implores you to go with him to catch beasts to keep them safe from poachers encroaching on the area. 

Taking a field trip off the Hogwarts campus, Deek leads you to a Puffskein breeding area. These beast dens are marked on the map with the paw symbol. Here Deek instructs you on how the sack is actually used.

Equip the sack to a spell slot. Direct yourself toward at a targeted beast and activating the sack’s “spell” to try to vacuum the beast into the sack.

You’ll have to stay within range of the beast and click the interaction button a certain number of times, depending on the beasts rarity, in order to successfully catch it. When successful the beast will be sucked into the bag. 

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After catching a Puffskein, Deek will lead you to a Jobberknoll den. You can use control spells to aid in catching beats moving forward.

Finding it tough to catch the flighty bird? Cast Levioso on the targeted creature before using the sack to get more time to catch it. Other control spells, like Arresto Momentum or Accio, can also be used to give more time for a successful catch. Once a Jobberknoll is caught Deek then takes you to a Mooncalf den. Mooncalves only come out at night, so a quick wait period may be necessary. 

Once all three species of magical beasts are caught, head back to Room of Requirement to create a safe space for beasts to live, called the Vivarium. You can release the beasts you’ve collected into the Vivarium. Once released the beasts can be tamed, fed and brushed.

The Vivarium only holds so many beasts. When first summoned it can hold four different beast species, meaning it is almost maxed out while doing Deek’s quest. Beasts can be exchanged for others in the Nab-Sack, which can hold 35 magical beasts at once.

Deek also mentions that Ellie Peck, owner of the Brood & Peck, will buy beasts for a decent price and place them in good, safe homes.

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Why Catch Magical Beasts in Hogwarts Legacy?

Aside from needing to catch beasts to complete Deek’s quest, magical beasts provide valuable resources in Hogwarts Legacy. When fed and brushed, you’ll be able to collect an animal products from them, such as an Unicorn Hair or a Phoenix Feather. The items produced do have a cooldown timer before another piece can be collected. These items are used in upgrading gear and adding traits to gear. 

In addition to needing the resources beasts provide, which can get costly just buying from vendors, there are two challenges under the Room of Requirement that involve magical beasts. Breed Unique Beasts rewards you with a new piece of gear to transmog when 10 beasts are bred. Rescue Beasts has three levels to it and rewards you with spellcrafts when each goal is reached. 

Beasts are not only an important element of the Harry Potter universe, they are an important gameplay mechanic. From catching, taming, breeding and collecting resources, magical beasts have a variety of offerings. Need help with other Hogwarts Legacy quests or finding specific items? Check out our Hogwarts Legacy guides page.

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