Hogwarts Legacy Infinite Falling Loop Fix Guide

Plummeting through the floor or map in the Hogwarts Legacy because of the infinite falling loop glitch? Here are some potential fixes.

Plummeting through the floor or map in the Hogwarts Legacy because of the infinite falling loop glitch? Here are some potential fixes.

The Hogwarts Legacy infinite falling loop bug has been affecting PC players off and on since the game entered its early access pre-order period. It seems to happen at random and not to every player, but for those that freefall, it can be a frustrating experience at best. More concerning, falling through the floor and getting stuck in the environmental geometry can completely stall or even essentially erase progress. If you’re here, you’re wondering how to fix the issue. 

How to Potentially Fix Hogwarts Legacy Infinite Falling Loop 

Restart Hogwarts Legacy

The very first thing you should always try with an issue like the Hogwarts Legacy infinite falling loop glitch is to restart the game. That always has a chance of clearing up any strangeness with the game, such as falling through the map. And it’s the easiest potential fix. 

Restart Steam and/or Computer

Alongside restarting Hogwarts Legacy, it’s always a good safety measure to restart Steam, which could have a positive effect on any bugs or glitches. Restarting Steam will also allow the client to automatically check for any potential updates with the client or Hogwarts Legacy itself (if you’ve checked “Always keep this game updated” in the Hogwarts Legacy Steam properties menu). 

As always, completely restarting your computer is always a must for most troubleshooting issues. 

Check and Verify Hogwarts Legacy Game Files

It’s always a good idea to also verify the integrity of your game files when running into any sort of glitch or bug in a game. There’s always a chance a necessary file has gone missing somehow, and once re-downloaded, will squash any nasty bugs. Here’s how to verify Hogwarts Legacy game files:

  • Open your Steam library.
  • Find Hogwarts Legacy.
  • Right-click on either the name or the artwork, depending on the view.
  • Choose Properties at the bottom of the menu that appears.
  • Click Local Files under Updates.
  • Click Verify Integrity of Game Files.

Steam will perform a quick scan, letting you know if Hogwarts Legacy is up to date or if any files need to be downloaded, which will happen automatically if so. Be patient, though: this can sometimes take a few (worthwhile) minutes. This same trick is useful if the game crashes on startup or if you encounter a black screen.

Revert to a Previous Save File

Ideally, one of the better ways to get around falling through the floor in Hogwarts Legacy is to revert to a previous save before the glitch started happening. For those that manually scum save, that may be an option, though the unpredictability of the bug doesn’t make this a cure-all. 

Hogwarts Legacy regularly autosaves and often creates several autosave files in conjunction with manual saves. Most of these go back at least several minutes from the current point, so it’s possible you have an autosave that can get you out of a bind, even if you don’t have a manual save. 

Use a Foo Flame to Fast Travel Out of the Glitch (Maybe)

There are hundreds of Foo Flames spread across the Wizarding World of Hogwarts Legacy. These act as fast-travel points, helping you hop around at the blink of an eye. It’s possible to open your map, find any Foo Flame, and fast travel to it, which takes you through a loading screen, and could (emphasis on could with a capital C) get you out of the infinite falling loop. 

Uninstall and Reinstall Hogwarts Legacy

The dreaded uninstall/reinstall fix. Like other potential solutions in this guide, it’s possible that, when all else fails, uninstalling and reinstalling Hogwarts Legacy will get you out of the falling loop. The catch is that you’ll likely have to start all over; if you have saves to backup, they could still be corrupted with the glitch. And if you had a save to revert to, why would you uninstall anyway? 

Submit a Bug Report

It’s entirely possible none of these solutions works, and you’ll have to wait for a patch (helpful, right?). However, it’s important to submit a bug report to Warner Bros. Games dev and support team here. The more info they have, the better they can identify and isolate the issue causing the glitch and fix it. 

Hopefully, one of those solutions proved to be the Hogwarts Legacy infinite falling loop fix you were looking for, and you’ll no longer find your with or wizard falling through the floor or map. We’ll update this guide with other potential answers to the glitch when and if they arise. For more articles on PC-related issues for WB’s open-world RPG, head over to our Hogwarts Legacy guides hub.

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