Here's how to use the transmog system in Hogwarts Legacy to change your equipment's appearance.

Hogwarts Legacy Transmog: How to Change Gear Appearance

Here's how to use the transmog system in Hogwarts Legacy to change your equipment's appearance.

Hogwarts Legacy has given players the ability to change their appearance with the transmog system. Modeled after the in-universe ability to use transfiguration, or alter the shape of an object or being, using the transmog system to change gear appearance means you do not have to be stuck with a powerful but mismatching outfit as the game progresses. You’ve got to know how to transmog before you can, though.

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Every equipment item that has been in your inventory will become a transmog option, regardless if you are currently carrying it or not. Your current inventory can stay organized, your character unladen with spare gear, and your coin purse heavier as you sell those items but maintain the ability to change your appearance back to them. 

How to Transmog in Hogwarts Legacy

The transmog system in Hogwarts Legacy is a relatively easy one to use. Items that show an eye symbol can have their appearance changed. Just hover over the equipped item you would like to alter and press:

  • F for keyboard and mouse controls
  • Square for PlayStation controllers
  • X for Xbox controllers

From there, a new screen will show Collections and Other. Collections holds special outfits gained by completing missions or groups of quests. Other will show every piece of equipment that has been in your inventory throughout your playthrough. Select the piece you wish to change to, and voila: your equipped item now has a new appearance. 

How to Use The Dark Arts Exclusive Set

A bonus of the Hogwarts Legacy Deluxe Edition, the Dark Arts set has no gear attached to it. In order to wear the set, you have to transmog it into being. It will be listed in your Collections when going to transmog equipment as soon as you are able to. 

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The transmog system featured in Hogwarts Legacy is quick and easy to use, allowing players the ability to change their gear appearance on a whim. Being able to sell equipment and still transmog into their appearance keeps inventories organized and gives you some extra Gold to throw around. That’s all you need to know about transmogrifying in Hogwarts Legacy, if you found this helpful, take a look at our other Hogwarts Legacy guides.

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