Learn everything you need to know about raising your Equilibrium Level and unlocking the level cap in Honkai Star Rail.

Honkai Star Rail: How to Raise Equilibrium and Unlock the Level Cap

Learn everything you need to know about raising your Equilibrium Level and unlocking the level cap in Honkai Star Rail.

Equilibrium in Honkai: Star Rail is Hoyoverse’s answer to a somewhat obscure RPG mechanic: level caps players can unlock to progress further. Your Trailblaze Level, one of the key progression systems in the game, caps initially at Level 20, but you’ll need to reach Trailblaze Level 24 to progress through the first major narrative arc. The Equilibrium activity allows you to break that soft level cap. Here’s how.

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How to Unlock the Level Cap Through Equilibrium in Honkai Star Rail

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Soon after you reach Trailblaze Level 20, a new Trailblaze mission called “Trial of the Equilibrium: Part One” will automatically be added to the quest inventory. Head to the Robot Settlement, specifically the Energy Conversion Station Space Anchor, which you should have unlocked earlier in your search for Clara.

A turquoise dimensional rift will be near the large energy converter and the two linked enemies. Interact with the rift to open the activity start screen. Note that there are two boss-level enemies you’ll need to overcome: the Fire-based Searing Prowler and the Ice-based Ice Out of Space.

These two bosses share no weaknesses, but having a reliable Lightning character like Serval and Dan Heng as your Wind option should make the fights more doable.

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Once you enter the rift, you’ll find the bosses on either side of the area, meaning their encounters thankfully happen individually.

You won’t have the opportunity to heal at a Space Anchor during this trial, so we recommend you bring a healer or other type of support character, plus plenty of healing items, to keep everyone topped up.

With this makeup, I didn’t find the two fights terribly difficult. The bosses will be flanked by smaller mobs keyed to their element. Take those out first, then focus the boss down with everything available to you, paying particular attention to their weaknesses. Specifically, the bosses are weak to:

  • Searing Prowler: Ice, Lightning, Imagination
  • Ice Out of Space: Fire, Wind, Quantum

I found that Welk and Seele are probably your best choices here if you’ve managed to collect them, but even Asta, Herta, or March 7th are good options as well. Dan Heng and Serval are also solid choices.

When both bosses lie defeated, your Equilibrium Level and character technique points will increase by one. The Trailblaze Level will also hit a new cap of 30, far beyond what’s needed to complete the story on Jarilo-VI.

That’s how to raise equilibrium and unlock the level cap. If you’re looking for more help with content across Honkai Star Rail, we’ve covered plenty, including where to find warp trotters, how to use memory bubbles, and more in our HSR guides hub.

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