Horizon Forbidden West Signal Towers: Where to Find All Lenses & Locations

Wondering where to find all of the Signal Towers in Horizon Forbidden West? Their locations are closer than you think.

Wondering where to find all of the Signal Towers in Horizon Forbidden West? Their locations are closer than you think.

There are 6 Signal Towers to find in Horizon Forbidden West. Unlike some other collectibles and their locations, all of these can be found in the first large area of the game, The Daunt. While it’s not necessary to find them all if you’re just going for the bronze trophy for recovering 5 different collectibles, the reward for gathering all of their lenses is worth the relatively minimal effort, something made even easier by setting the game to Guided mode

Each Signal Tower has a lens to find at the top. Lenses are very rare items can be given to a merchant (of sorts), whom you’ll meet along the way. Unlike some other locations and points of interest in Horizon Forbidden West that remain on your map as white or green icons after you’ve discovered them, Signal Tower icons disappear after you’ve collected their lenses.

Below, we’ll show you where to find all of the Signal Towers and lenses in HFW, including map screenshots and area screenshots. Even though you’ll technically run into the merchant Raynah when finding the last Signal Tower if you follow this guide from beginning to end, we’ll start with her location since you may be wondering how to find her.

Where to Find Raynah in Horizon Forbidden West

You’ll first find Raynah during Signals of the Sun sidequest, found just north of Barren Light. She’ll be the primary NPC for the mission. It’s also where you’ll most likely get the Lens of Evening (more on that below).

After the mission, though, you’ll find her in Barren Light itself. If you didn’t already sell your lenses to her during Signals of the Sun (which is possible), she can be found barely north of the campfire in the settlement, standing amongst some tents.

You can give Raynah each lens right after you find it, and she’ll give you 15 Metal Shards a piece (*90 if you turn them in all at once). However, we suggest just getting all of the lenses and turning them in at one time. Your reward will be 90 Metal Shards*, 1 Bronze Ingot, 2 Greenshine Sliver.

All Signal Tower Locations and Lenses in Horizon Forbidden West

Lens of Dawn

This Signal Tower is located in the extreme northern portion of The Daunt, north/northeast of the first campfire you come to. It’s east of the mine you visit during the Deep Trouble sidequest.

Like the other Signal Towers, this one is high up on mountain top, so you’ll have to climb up the cliff to reach it. You’ll find a small ruined structure at the bottom, so use that to gauge where the handholds start; none of them are highlighted in yellow until you reach the tower itself, though there are few grapple points.

As with all of the following Towers, press R3 if you get stuck to use your Focus pulse, which highlights handholds on cliffs and other structures.

Lens of Morning

You can find this Signal Tower as soon as you enter the open world, after taking the elevator down during Point of the Lance. It’s about 250 meters north of Chainscrape, and you’ll pass by the path leading to it on your way.

From that first campfire, take the path right when it forks, and go up into the mountains on the northern side. You’ll come to a small, ruined brick structure on the right, along a cliff. Use your Pullcaster to grapple up, and then just follow the handholds up the cliff to the top. Grab the lens. 

Lens of Midday

Directly south of the Lens of Morning, across the valley, is the Lens of Midday. This Signal Tower is on the point of the mountain that juts out barely east/southeast of the bridge that leads into Chainscrape.

Leave Chainscrape heading in that direction, going across the bridge, and you’ll see a ladder leading up in the distance. Go up the ladder, then the next landing, and then left. On the northeast side of the cliff, you’ll find some grapple points to help you climb.

Just follow the path up, then right, then up again. This is another one where Focus pulse will come in very handy. 

Lens of the Afternoon

This Signal Tower is about 230 meters west/southwest of Chainscrape, high up on the mountaintop. You’ll likely go hear during The Twilight Path side quest, which can be picked up in Chainscrape from Petra. You will grab this lens as part of the side quest, so it’s pretty hard to miss. 

Lens of Twilight

This Signal Tower is located in the southeastern portion of The Daunt, east of Barren Light in the mountains on the edge of the map. There is a campfire at the base of the mountain on the south side for reference.

Starting from that campfire, go north between the towering mountains on either side. Climb up the rock landings at the end leading up and cutting between the cliffs; use your Pullcaster on the two grapple points on the way up. Go through the abandoned camp, and keep left to find the tower. Use your Pullcaster on the wall on the southwest side, then climb up to grab the lens. 

Lens of Evening

You’ll be able to grab this one around the time of The Embassy story quest, during the Signals of the Sun side quest. The side quest can be picked up northwest of Barren Light.

Follow the quest markers, and climb up the mountain. Defeat the machines there. Speak with Raynah, who’s in the merchant for Signal Lenses. At this point, you’ll be able to give her what you’ve already collected, but she wants you to get one more (the Lens of Evening) in the tower very close by.

Use your Pullcaster to get into the base of the tower, then to the first stairwell. Then just climb your way to the top. Aside from the rewards for giving her all of the Lenses, she’ll give you 1 greenshine sliver and 1 bronze ingot for completing the quest, too. 

And those are all of the Signal Towers, Lenses, and their locations in Horizon Forbidden West. Though you only need one lens for the bronze trophy associated with these collectibles, the rewards you get are worth having since they can be hard to come by as loot and drops in the world at large. If you’re looking for more collectibles to grab that trophy, head over to our Vista Points guide.

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