Wondering how to find all of the Vista Points in Horizon Forbidden West? Here are all of their locations and how to complete them.

Horizon Forbidden West: Where to Find All Vista Points & Locations

Wondering how to find all of the Vista Points in Horizon Forbidden West? Here are all of their locations and how to complete them.

There are nine Vista Points in Horizon Forbidden West. Each of them allows you to see into the past and view the Old World how it was before it was destroyed a thousand years ago. Not only do these Vista Points expand on the lore of the game, finding at least one will put you on your way to earning a bronze trophy for recovering five different collectibles. 

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Each of these Vista Points looks like an old, ramshackle cellphone tower (unlike the Signal Towers in the Daunt) Some are standing right out in the open, while others are hidden a little better. When you arrive at their location, you’ll need to scan the base or mid-section of the Vista Point tower to receive a hologram image. To complete the tower, you must align that hologram image with a portion of the surrounding landscape.

In the Horizon Forbidden West guide below, we not only show you all of the Vista Points and their location, but we also tell you how to solve each hologram puzzle. We’ll take a slightly meandering and perhaps perplexing journey across the map, but it’s all because the very last tower on Landfall doesn’t appear until you’ve found and completed the eight other Vista Towers and their locations. 

All Vista Point Locations in Horizon Forbidden West

The Daunt Vista Point

The Daunt Vista Point is located about 180 meters south/barely southwest of Chainscrape. The tower is between two campfires, one to the east and one to the west. It’s about 32 meters northwest of The Daunt Relic Ruins.

Use Focus on the Vista Point to get the hologram outline drawing. Then go about 45 meters northeast to a broken bridge. Line up the hologram with the building and landscape on the other side of the bridge. Walke forward to the edge of the bridge and look slightly right if need be. 

Plainsong Vista Point

The Plainsong Vista Point tower is 263 meters west/southwest of Plainsong, near the base of the mountain range. Approaching from this way, cross the wooden bridge to the right of a large satellite dish just outside of the settlement, and head southwest along the road until you cross over a stream. The Vista Point tower should be directly in front of you. 

Scan it, and continue up the mountain road to the two windmills above. Climb the cliff behind the windmills to find the gnarled, rusty remnants of a structure on the mountainside. Look past the mangled railing down toward Plainsong to complete the hologram.

The Stillsands Vista Point

The Stillsands Vista Point is 649 meters north of Hidden Ember/Dunehollow, and 533 meters northwest of The Stillsands Tallneck. It can be found at the base of the mountain range looking over the desert toward Las Vegas (Hidden Ember/Dunehollow). 

Scan the Vista Point tower, and climb up the cliffs directly behind it. At the top, you’ll find a busted railing and a dead body near some yellow and purple flowers. Mind the Burrowers here, then look out toward the Vista Point tower from the edge of the railing to line up the hologram (the tower itself is actually part of the left side of the hologram). 

Scalding Spear Vista Point

The Scalding Spear Vista Point is 358 meters east of the Scalding Spear settlement, up on a mountaintop above a Sunwing site. Climb up, and scan the tower to get the hologram. Now glide down to the Sunwing site itself.

Take out the machines here if you have to, but once you’re done, go to the right side of the area between two rock outcroppings to find a rusty shelter with a tree leaning against it. There are yellow and purple flowers in front of it, and another shelter slightly higher up and to the left.

Climb up to the roof of the shelter, and look out toward Scalding Spear from this vantage point to complete the hologram. 

The Memorial Grove Vista Point

Though this Vista Point is called The Memorial Grove, it’s actually about 330 meters north of the actual location of The Memorial Grove on the map. It’s at a crossroad near a river that runs at the base of the mountain range there. 

Scan the base of the Vista Point tower, and then go toward the objective marker across the river slightly northeast of the tower. Look up, and you’ll see the remnants of what looks like a satellite dish. Climb up to the top of the mountain to find a concrete platform with a broken railing to the left of the structure. Face the opening to line up the hologram. 

The Long Coast Vista Point

The Long Coast Vista Point is located on the far western coast of the Forbidden West, roughly 165 meters southwest of The Greenhouse and 445 meters northwest of The Stand of the Sentinels Tallneck. The tower itself is near a Shelter on the beach. 

Scan the Vista Point, and head west toward a Campfire and rock outcropping. Go behind the rock outcropping at the Campfire to find another across a small area of water with a grapple point and seven trees on top of it. Climb that, and look back toward The Greenhouse, lining up the triangular symbol on the hologram with the triangular symbol on the tower in the middle.

Dunehollow Vista Point

Though the Dunehollow Vista Point is in Hidden Ember near The Stillsands Vista Point Tower, we’re putting it here because it’s actually in the underground Dunehollow area. You can’t access it until after The Sea of Sands story quest.

Once you’ve completed that quest and removed the water from Dune Hollow, return to the location and drop back down the elevator shaft. Go all of the way back to where you fought the Tideripper, and stay on the right side. You will see the Vista Point tower in front of the Eiffel Tower hologram, to the right of the astronaut hologram. Be careful: there may be a Snapmaw at the base of the tower.

Scan the Vista Point tower, then turn around. Go back to the pagoda where you entered, and you’ll see a broken bridge jutting out from it. Go to the end of the bridge, and look back toward the astronaut and the staircase leading up to the Vista Tower.

Shrouded Heights Vista Point

The Shrouded Heights Vista Point can be a hard one to find, and you’ll need the Diving Mask to complete this location. It’s 323 meters northwest of The Digsite on Landfall nestled in the jungle just off the beach. With the water to your back, you can find it to the right of the remains of a beached battleship with a tree growing around it. 

Beware of the Slaughterspine roaming here, and scan the Vista Point tower. Swim about 120 meters out into the bay, northeast of the tower. You’ll see some stone ruins on the bottom with some blue phosphorescent coral. Look north to the domed structure from here and line up the hologram (you may need to swim slightly past the coral-covered ruins for it to line up).

Once you complete this one, you’ll get a new objective for the Isle of the Spires automatically, marking it on your map. It’s also on Landfall. 

Isle of Spires Vista Point

The Isle of Spires Vista Point is located in the southwestern portion of Landfall, 888 meters south of Shrouded Heights. Go to the objective marker, and climb up the slope on the western side. Scan the tower, and Aloy will mention getting a better look from the top of the large metal tower just west of the Vista Point. 

You’ll need to complete The Wings of the Ten story mission to unlock the Sungwing override in order to reach this area. Either use your Sungwing mount call or override one of the two nearby, then ascend to the top of the rusty tower, landing on the perch there.

Get off of the Sunwing, and shoot the ladder down across from the perch. Use the Ropecaster to pull out the beam from the left side of the tower (just to the left and under the ladder). Jump on that beam, then look to the right of the ladder to find another Pullcaster point to pull down another beam. Climb on that beam, then up to the top of this leg of the tower. 

At the top, you’ll see a yellow beam jutting out toward the city in the distance. Go to the end of that and bring up the hologram to complete the Isle of Spires. 

Now follow the objective marker to the far western beach in Landfall. Search the two crates for 1,500XP and the following Vista Point rewards:

  • x4 Ancient Chimes
  • x2 Ancient Metal Eye
  • x1 Ancient Sculpture
  • x1 Silver Ingot
  • x1 Ancient Black Bracelet
  • x2 Bronze Ingot
  • x1 Weave — Frost and Purgewater Defense +7%
  • x1 Coil — Plasma and Shock +12%
  • x60 Metal Shards

And those are all of the Vista Points and their locations in Horizon Forbidden West. You only needed one for the bronze trophy, but now you know a little bit more about the game’s lore and the Old World — and you have some nice loot for all of your efforts. For more tips and tricks, head over to our Horizon Forbidden West guides hub

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