Here's how playing co-op with friends and family affects Shiny odds in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

How Do Shiny Odds Work in Co-op in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet?

Here's how playing co-op with friends and family affects Shiny odds in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Shiny Pokemon hunts are a fun post-game activity once you’ve beaten the entire either version already. What’s more fun is that you can do shiny hunts with your friends. The question arises now, how do the shiny odds work in co-op? This article will tackle the odds of encountering a shiny Pokemon during co-op sessions in Scarlet and Violet.

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What are the Shiny Odds in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet?

The odds of encountering a shiny Pokemon in Scarlet in Violet are slim. Specifically, it’s 1 in 4,096, or roughly around a 0.024% chance. With the absurdly low chance of encountering a shiny Pokémon, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet provided a lot of utility to at least bring those chances higher.

Here are a few examples of how you can raise the chance of encountering a shiny Pokemon:

  • Obtaining the Shiny Charm from Professor Jacq.
  • Making Level 3 Shiny Sandwiches.
  • Shiny hunting with a friend in co-op.

How Does Co-Op Affect Shiny Spawns?

In co-op mode, spawning Pokemon works in proximity to the player you’re controlling. Many players spam this method to spawn rare Pokemon by hunting two different spawning locations to have more chance of encountering the Pokemon.

We can safely assume that the same goes for the spawn rate of shiny Pokemon. You and your friend have a different spawn rate for shinies. Hence, you still have to prepare yourself a Sparkling Sandwich and equip a Shiny Charm to increase your chances of spawning a shiny Pokémon around you.

However, being together in the same area won’t stack your chances of getting a shiny Pokemon. That method would be OP, and we’re sure that GameFreak doesn’t want shiny hunts to be that easy.

How to Exploit Shiny Hunt in Co-Op

While stacking chances for shiny encounters doesn’t work, you and your friend can each quickly grab a shiny variant of a Pokemon when it spawns. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Disable Autosave in the options menu.
  2. Join a friend or create your own room. It doesn’t matter who’s hosting.
  3. Start the shiny hunt in two different areas of Paldea. Make sure the Pokémon you’re going for lives in those two areas.
  4. Once any of you have found a shiny version of that Pokémon, the person who found the shiny Pokemon must save immediately (Player A).
  5. Call the other person (Player B) and have them capture the Pokémon.

Once done, Player A should reset their game and reload their save file. The shiny Pokemon should still be in their save file since it spawned around their player’s proximity. For more on Scarlet and Violet, head over to our guides page.

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