How Many Gigs is Spider-Man 2? Install Size Explained

How many gigs is Spider-Man 2? Hint: its huge!

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Gone are the days where you could simply pop in a video game into your console and start playing instantly. With storage always being a concern with games getting bigger, you may be wondering how many gigs is Spider-Man 2?

How Many Gigs is Spider-Man 2? Install Size Explained

It seems like each new triple-A game takes up more storage. Spider-Man PS4 was 45GB and Miles Morales on PS5 was 50GB even though it was a much shorter game. Well if you are planning on downloading Spider-Man 2 on PS5 make sure you have plenty of space. The file size for Spider-Man 2 is 90 GB

The game file is huge, which might come as no surprise considering the high-res textures and sound quality. It’s becoming increasingly common for games to release at such large sizes. So, how can you make sure you have room for it? Well, if you have at least 90GB of storage left on your PS5, you don’t have to worry. However, if your storage is full or you don’t have enough room left there are two things you can do. 

  • Delete games you’re not playing: If you’re not planning on revisiting some games for a while you can delete them to make more room 
  • Buy an SSD: You can also buy an SSD for your PS5 to increase its storage capacity. The cost is worth it to get some extra games on your console. SSDs are cheaper than ever. 

So if you were wondering how many gigs is Spider-Man 2? It’s a whopping 90 gigs! You might have to make some room for it, but it’s worth it to dive into the newest Spidey foray from Insomniac. They’ve yet to do the series wrong yet. For more Spider-Man 2, check out our dedicated guides hub.

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