An Easter Egg on the Black Ops 3 Nuk3town Bonus Map lets players battle unending waves of mannequins. Here's how.

How to activate the Nuk3town easter egg in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3

An Easter Egg on the Black Ops 3 Nuk3town Bonus Map lets players battle unending waves of mannequins. Here's how.
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Last week, October 31st to be exact, the Nuk3town bonus map trailer for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 surfaced, and I did a run down here on GameSkinny. Towards the end of the trailer, I noted something very peculiar about the mannequins that seemed rather off. For the sake of simplicity, let’s take a look:

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A rumor that ran rampant in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 was that shooting off all of the Nuketown mannequins’ heads within a certain time would activate a special event where the dolls would attack in a sort of zombies style. I’ve never tested this theory, and have never come across proof of the tale.

Before showing the multiplayer action of Nuk3town in the trailer, a black screen with the words “Nuk3town Online” is visible. After the title screen at the end of the video are three seconds of footage showing one of the creepy, futuristic, iRobot-y mannequins, with what can only be explained as a menacing, visible computer virus floating behind it, before returning to a black screen with the words “Nuk3town Offline”.

I’ve tested this “Easter Egg” in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. IT WORKS. Today, I’m going to teach you how to make unending hoards of creepy mannequins attack you in Nuk3town.

Step One: Custom Games

Unfortunately, this Easter Egg only works “offline” as stated in the trailer. If you attempt it in a public match, the final step will offset, and the endgame won’t be possible. Go to Multiplayer and into Custom Games.

Taking the place of Private Match from previous Call of Duty games, Custom Games allows you to set up your own game mode, map, and settings. The Easter Egg is possible on any game mode. You can still play with friends, as long as you invite them to your private game.

Step Two: Create A Class

If you jump into this Easter Egg without a bit of foresight, you won’t enjoy it as much, as you will be getting massacred by mannequins. Pick a class with a lot of ammo, a powerful specialist, and logical perks. My class, as well as a list of included items (and why), is visible below.

  • KN-44 Assault Rifle – High fire rate, average damage, quick handling.
  • Extended Mag – More shots fired before a reload is necessary.
  • Fast Mags – Quicker reload when reload is necessary. 
  • MR6 Pistol – Decent secondary for when KN-44 ammo is low.
  • Combat Axe – Retrievable lethal (+ super fun to use).
  • Overclock – Earn Specialist faster.
  • Sixth Sense – Notice when something is right behind me.
  • Fast Hands – Handle weapons faster.
  • Gung-Ho – Fire when sprinting. 
  • Reaper/Scythe Specialist – Epic gatling gun for mowing down waves of enemies.
Step Three: Mannequin Genocide

There are 28 mannequins within the bounds of the Nuk3town map. To activate the Easter Egg, you’ll need to shoot the heads off of all 28 in under 2 minutes. After a single shot, each head will pop off with a sickening crunch. Don’t worry about accuracy, as long as the heads are gone, you can miss as many shots as you want.

The mannequins are going to be in different areas every time you start a new game, so you’ll have to be quick on your feet and vigilant. One missed robot, and you’ll have to restart. Generally, the dolls are mostly inside the houses and in the back yards, though they sometimes spawn in the street and inside the trucks in the middle of the map.

If you accomplish this task, you’ll hear the distant chime of what sounds like a church bell. Then the fun begins.

Step Four: All Hell Breaks Loose

Immediately following the church bell, dozens of mannequins will begin spawning out of thin air and assaulting you. You better start running because two swift hits from any doll will land you a one-way ticket to death’s embrace. No matter how many you kill, mannequins will keep spawning for the rest of the game. Essentially, it’s a zombie survival mode, but the zombies are wearing mannequin costumes.

You’ll earn no score or kills for defeating mannequins, so it’s all in good fun and not to be taken seriously. Take a class with lots of ammo as described above, and see if you can outlast the onslaught!

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