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How to Banish 40 Weapons in a Single Run in Vampire Survivors

Unlock of Seal III in Vampire Survivors

Vampire Survivors indeed has many obscure and tedious unlocks in the game, and this one is probably the most outrageous in hindsight. However, it’s not an impossible task to achieve. Here’s how you can banish 40 weapons in a single run in Vampire Survivors.

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How to Unlock Seal III in Vampire Survivors

Banishing 40 or more weapons in a single run seems pretty complicated, right? I have figured out two ways you can achieve this without much sweat:

  1. Have a character with many Golden Eggs (which gave your character many Banishes).
  2. Have Queen Sigma, which comes with 100 Banishes inherently.

If you are using Queen Sigma, I would recommend that you use the Arcana XX – Silent Old Sanctuary for this run because you’ll probably banish every weapon that you see on your screen, so you might as well use the bonus for having weapon slots empty.

I’ve also counted that in the base Vampire Survivors, there are less than 40 weapons, so I guess this ability was meant for players who have all the DLCs and just do not want to play with certain weapons and passive abilities. If you’re playing just the base game, Seal II should be more than enough.

Prices for Seal III Power Up in the Store are as follows (that’s the only thing I haven’t purchased, so this is the maximum price):

  • 237780
  • 270558
  • 305613
  • 343174
  • 383492
  • 426841
  • 473525
  • 523877
  • 578266
  • 637092

In total: 4,180,218 Gold. Hope you’ve done the grind prior to this patch’s release! With Seal III purchased (along with Seal I and II) you can banish a total of 60 items before your run starts.

This content is from the v1.10.102 patch, which is currently in public beta on Steam. You can freely access it by:

  • Right-click Vampire Survivors in the Steam Library.
  • Go to Properties > Betas.
  • Opt in to the “public-beta” branch and close the dialogue.
  • Let Steam update your game.

What Does Seal Do in Vampire Survivors?

Seal in Vampire Survivors allows you to seal weapons and passive abilities away from your run in order to prevent you from getting them as level-up options. This is pretty useful if you dislike certain weapons and passives and want to tailor your Vampire Survivors experience according to your personal preference.

  • Seal I is unlocked by banishing 10 or more weapons in a single run.
  • Seal II is unlocked by banishing 20 or more weapons in a single run.
  • Seal III is unlocked by banishing 40 or more weapons in a single run.

I’d like to show you how to unlock two new characters in this patch: Santa Ladonna and Gyoruntin. More content unlock guides for Vampire Survivors can always be found on our Game Hub.

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