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How to Complete the Smelter Puzzle in League of Legends Spirit of Hearth-Home Event

League of Legends Spirit of Hearth-Home event gives us a variety of Ornn themed puzzles.

The Spirit of Hearth-Home event in League of Legends features a variety of mini-games, from assembly books using pictures on the bindings to performing music to cleaning Ornn’s workshop. Part of the event focuses on the scales in the Smelter and various ores. Here’s how to complete the Smelter puzzle in the League of Legends Spirit of Hearth-Home event.

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How to Solve the Smelter Scales Puzzle in League of Legends

The Smelter is a room to the upper left of the Courtyard. Inside, you’ll find a giant scale with two pieces of ore on it. There are six spaces below the scales that need to be filled.

To begin, you need to find the four missing pieces of ore. Two of them are in the Smelter room. One is behind the grate at the top left, while the second is the shard-like piece of metal on the right side in the hot coals.

The Molten Copper ore is found in the Courtyard. Flip the switch on the center furnace, melting the snow and ice. On the left side of the top of the furnace, you’ll see the metal resting inside the wrench.

The last ore, Dread Iron, is located in the Workshop. Clean up the pile of scrolls and stools in the bottom right to have it appear on top of the stool. Collect it and then return to the Smelter.

Complete the Smelter Puzzle

The aim of the scale puzzle isn’t exactly written out. There are no ores that have an equal weight. Instead, you need to find the lightest to heaviest metals and arrange them from left to right on the stands.

The correct order and scale puzzle solution is:

  • Molten Copper
  • Star-Metal
  • Shuriman Gold
  • Silversteel
  • Dread Iron
  • Freljordian Frost Ore

When all pieces are in the correct order, a small story will occur. You’re rewarded the Hearth Home icon and Note Taken emote for finishing the Smelter puzzle.

That’s how to complete the Smelter Puzzle in League of Legends Spirit of Hearth-Home event. For more on the MOBA, check out our LoL guides.

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