How to Craft in Mini DayZ

Confused by the crafting system in Mini DayZ? Want to know what crafting recipes you need? This guide's for you!

Confused by the crafting system in Mini DayZ? Want to know what crafting recipes you need? This guide's for you!

Mini DayZ is a fun, challenging 2D counterpart to its bigger brother DayZ, so it should be no surprise that the two games share some similarities. The crafting system in Mini DayZ is nearly identical to the one found in the original game.

To craft anything, simply combine two items in your inventory by moving one of the items over the other, and poof! you have a new crafted item. The system worked exceedingly well in DayZ, and it might work even better on a mobile platform.

Crafting in Mini DayZ is a little limited, as there are only a few recipes. But they can be essential to your survival early on — especially if you can’t find a decent weapon or run out of ammo. Here’s the rundown of each recipe and what you’ll need to craft it. 

How to Craft a Bow and Arrows in Mini DayZ

The only weapon you can craft in the game (currently) is a bow. To craft a bow, combine rope and an ashwood stick — both of which might be hard to find, depending on your surroundings. If you need the ashwood stick, get to chopping down trees with an axe until you find what you need.

To go along with the bow, you can craft arrows by combining wooden sticks and a knife. The knife will lose 15% durability if you combine it with a stack of 5 wooden sticks, but you’ll get 5 arrows out of the exchange.

How to Craft an Improvised Bag or Backpack in Mini DayZ

If you find that you can’t possibly store everything you need in just your pants (really, who can?), craft yourself an improvised bag by combining a burlap sack and a piece of rope for 3 extra inventory slots.

Still not enough room? combine the improvised bag with 3 wooden sticks to make an improvised backpack, which will give you a total of 5 inventory slots.

How to Craft a Fireplace and a Fence in Mini DayZ

To keep from getting too cold, craft a Fireplace by combining a wood pile with either rags, wooden sticks, or paper. You can then light the fireplace with matches for some warmth and light.

Finally, the only recipe not listed in the notebook in the game is a fence, which you can make by combining 5 wooden sticks with a wood pile.

Found a recipe we missed, or have a better idea on how to use the crafted items in this mobile DayZ spinoff? Let us know in the comments! And stay tuned for more Mini DayZ guides here on GameSkinny:

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