How to Create Your Own Custom Character in Dan the Man

Learn how to create your own character in Halfbrick Studio's and Studio Joho's latest retro-inspired mobile game, Dan the Man.

Learn how to create your own character in Halfbrick Studio's and Studio Joho's latest retro-inspired mobile game, Dan the Man.
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So you have no desire to actually play Dan the Man as Dan the Man. You just want to dive into the game with your own custom character and kick the snot out of the King’s loyal brutes. But upon booting the game up, you find you only have two options: Dan or Josie. What gives?

Don’t panic, you won’t have to beat the final boss standing on your head or anything ridiculous to unlock custom characters. It’s really rather simple. From the start of the game, you have two options:

1. Complete the first stage

This is the simplest yet most time-consuming way to unlock custom characters. After beating the first stage, you’ll return to Dan the Man‘s main menu, which you should be seeing for the first time. Upon your arrival at the main menu, you’ll receive an announcement declaring your custom character officially unlocked.

2. Restart the game

This is a pinch more technical, but if you’re not even willing to sit through the first stage with Dan, this method will at least land you on the main menu. Open up your phone’s window viewer or task manager and close Dan the Man. Afterwards, reboot the game and you should receive a notice on the main menu announcing the newly unlocked custom character slot.

Dan the Man Custom Character

How to Play and Personalize Your Custom Character

So now it’s unlocked, but how do you play it? And more importantly, how do you customize your kick-ass guy or gal?

From the main menu, tap on the player button in the upper-left corner of your screen. This brings you to the character select screen, where you can choose to play as Dan the Man, your custom character, and any other characters you may have unlocked.

Tap on the Custom Character to select it. You’ll see they have the same exact skills as Dan the Man, so you won’t have to switch up your playstyle. Tap on the hangar icon to the right of the character to customize it.

Dan the Man Custom Character

From here, you can change and buy new outfits — some with in-game currency, some with real money. Keep in mind that different outfits and hairstyles actually provide passive buffs to your character. This can give you a sweet edge if you choose to play a custom character rather than Dan the Man.

What’s more, you can change your custom character’s name and gender in this menu. After you’re done pimping yourself out, you may even opt to snap a posed picture of your character and share it with your friends.

How fashion-savvy is your Dan the Man custom character? Show them off in the comments below!

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