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How to Defeat Longmore in Dragon is Dead

Find out how to defeat the first boss in Dragon is Dead here.

At the end of the Withered Forest of Spirits, you’ll come across your first boss, Longmore. The fight comes after a few areas of the map, so it can be tricky to get past if you don’t know what you’re doing. Here’s how to defeat Longmore in Dragon is Dead.

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Tips to Defeat First Boss Longmore in Dragon is Dead

Dragon is Dead starts off simply with your predictable waves of enemies. It even provides their location for you on a mini-map. However, once you face your first boss, Longmore, you’re up against a tougher challenge. The tree will spawn enemies and waves of attacks that might seem unpredictable at first. Furthermore, you’ll likely fail if you’ve struggled in the previous regions on the map and are approaching the tree boss with no health resources.

So, here are the best tips to defeat Longmore:

  • Attack the heads of Longmore that turn red with blood.
    • The heads will turn red with blood randomly. You can deal damage to the tree by targeting these directly.
  • Destroy the red blood orbs before they explode.
    • These red blood orbs will spawn enemies if you don’t destroy them before the timer is up. Each orb has a timer of around 5 seconds.
  • Dodge the attacks by utilizing the platforms above you.
    • Longmore will trigger various attacks from below and throughout the air. You’ll want to use the platforms to dodge the attacks and get to higher ground.
  • Bring at least one health potion with you, or full health.
    • On my successful run against Longmore, I had prepared by choosing health buffs throughout the previous areas and entering the battle with full health.  
  • Defeat any enemies that spawn.
    • You’ll need to defeat all enemies that spawn to proceed.
  • Utilize skills that cause stuns, widespread or chain effects.
    • If you fail to destroy the orbs, you’ll struggle with the amount of enemies that spawn. So, you’ll want to take up space with attacks that clear room for you.
  • Know that it might take a few failures to have the right equipment.
    • If you’re really struggling to defeat Longmore, you might need to gamble at the Gambler for improved gear or loot stronger gear through more runs first. 

That does it for how to beat Longmore in Dragon is Dead. That does it for what to choose at the Tree Spirit in Dragon is Dead. Stay tuned with us here for more tips, tricks, and walkthroughs at our Dragon is Dead guide hub.

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