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How to Farm Sonance Caskets (All Locations) in Wuthering Waves

Earn items and rewards from gathering Sonance Caskets in Wuthering Waves!

If you’ve played other gacha games like Genshin Impact, you’ll already be familiar with items like the Sonance Caskets. These collectibles are scattered around the open world map, which makes it easy to miss some as you travel. Here’s how to farm Sonance Caskets (all their locations) in Wuthering Waves.

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Wuthering Waves: Farming Sonance Caskets and All Their Locations

As you turn in the Sonance Caskets for Casket Deliveries, you receive items such as Astrite, Lustrous Tide, recipes, Advanced Energy Cores, Advanced Resonance Potions, and more. When you collect Sonance Caskets, you can deliver them to Chenpi in Jinzhou to receive your rewards. You find him near the residential area of the city. For the first delivery, you only need a single Sonance Casket.

When you get close to the location of a Sonance Casket, a symbol appears on your minimap. This makes it easy to find the exact location when you’re in the area of one, and it tells you if you need to go higher or lower to grab it. Additionally, you’ll come across a fair number of the caskets without deliberately searching for them just by working on quests and exploring areas.

Sonance Casket Location Maps

The gallery above includes images of each zone with Sonance Caskets marked by red dots. Some of the maps overlap with others, so caskets might be marked twice. However, since the caskets aren’t too close together or abundant, it’s not overly difficult to keep track of which ones you grabbed. Plus, if you don’t have a symbol on your minimap, then you’ve already grabbed that casket.

That’s how to farm Sonance Caskets and all their locations in Wuthering Waves. Although it’s tempting to collect everything as soon as possible when you start a new game, you won’t be able to reach every casket immediately. So, it’s easier to collect them as you quest. From here, check out our WuWa guide hub for more help exploring Solaris-3.

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