Rayne Syndicate Tower Entrance travel point
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How to Fast Travel in Palworld

Quickly teleport from Point A to Point B with Fast Travel in Palworld.

Nothing replaces the fun of running and climbing. But let’s face it: they’re not the most convenient way to traverse these Pal-filled biomes. Here, I’ll tell you how to Fast Travel in Palworld, so you can get back to your spot in a jiff. 

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How to Activate Fast Travel Statues in Palworld

As you explore Palworld’s open landscape, you’ll find tall glowing pillars called Great Eagle Statues. These allow you to Fast Travel to any previously activated Great Eagle Statue or back to your Palbox at your base. However, you can’t use this feature if it’s disabled in the world settings. 

Any time you find a Fast Travel point, activate it by pressing “F” on keyboard and “X” for controller. A blue eagleappears on your map, noting the statue’s location. 

Player running to Grassy Behemoth Hills travel point
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Early on, you’re closest to these three Palworld Fast Travel points: 

  • Plateau of Beginnings: 240, -513.
  • Grassy Behemoth Hills: 173, -474.
  • Rayne Syndicate Tower Entrance: 118, -425.

Additionally, you can Fast Travel to and from your base by using your Palbox. I initially placed mine near the Plateau of Beginnings, which made that statue obsolete. I recommend placing your base elsewhere to be more efficient, as far as travel goes. 

How to Use Fast Travel in Palworld

If you’re confused about how to actually use Fast Travel, you’re not alone. I assumed I could open my map and click on any of the blue icons to travel there. I know now that’s not the case. 

To Fast Travel in Palworld, you must interact with an activated Great Eagle Statue, select your destination, and then you’ll transport there. It’s the same process as using your Palbox. 

That covers how to Fast Travel in Palworld. This is a great way to get yourself out of a bind. Perhaps you’re stuck in the cold without a torch, or a high-level Pal is attacking you; a nearby statue could be your ticket to safety. Take a look at our growing Palworld guides hub for more topics, such as all Pals and Elements listed and which Pals look the most like Pokemon

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