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How to Find 33 Rosaries and Unlock Hyper Laborratory Stage in Vampire Survivors

Roses are red, Rosaries are blue, at least in Vampire Survivors.

Believe it or not, poncle is adamant about adding new content in Vampire Survivors, and this time around, I have a guide on how to unlock one of the new stages. Laborratory Stage (once again a play on words) has an interesting design, and I am sure you’ll love it.

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Where to Get 33 Rosaries in Vampire Survivors

This content is from the v1.10.102 patch, which is currently in public beta on Steam. You can freely access it by right-clicking Vampire Survivors in the Steam Library, going to Properties, Betas, and then opting in the “public-beta” branch, closing the dialogue and letting Steam update your game.

Rosary is an item that you can pick up on most of the stages in Vampire Survivors. It occasionally drops from various light sources, so if you are new to Vampire Survivors, you’ll need to gather them for a while. The Rosary looks like a necklace with a pendant that has a cross in the middle.

Cappella Magna (Stage 5) has a couple of Rosaries lying on the ground from the start of your run if you want to speed things up, but please know that this is not something you need to unlock all at once. Instead, collect them naturally as you play. You do not need to pick all 33 Rosaries in a single run!

Once you have all 33 Rosaries and finish the run, you will be notified that an achievement has been unlocked. After this, you can start playing the new stage at will.

If you are a Vampire Survivors veteran and have thousands of Rosaries already picked up like me, and the stage has not automatically unlocked for you, the solution is simple and works the same for every similar achievement that gets added into the game:

  • Enter any stage with any character
  • Stay in there for a few seconds so that the game can process what’s happening
  • Leave the stage
  • Enjoy the unlocks!

There are more unlocks to do with this content update. You can find more coverage at our Vampire Survivors game Hub. I recommend you check out how to play one more new stage and unlock a secret character in this update.

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