How to find a strong weapon early in Dark Souls 3

In Dark Souls III, the deep battle axe is one of the better weapons you can obtain early on. With a little patience and some skill, it can be all yours.

Dark Souls III can be extremely intimidating with its multitude of monsters and large scale. However, the game is not just for dying and dying again. You can actually find a weapon early on that will help you destroy the second boss of the game. Unfortunately, getting that weapon is easier said than done. Have no fear, I am here and I will tell you how to obtain the deep battle-axe that also deals a fair amount of dark magic damage. Let’s get started!

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The High Wall of Lothric

Our quest begins at the High Wall of Lothric bonfire. If you are not there yet then you still have some areas to scavenge. Don’t worry though, the High Wall of Lothric is one of the first bonfires you will find, and it does not take too long after the start of the game to get there. Once you are there, head down the stairs and take care of all of the enemies. There are plenty of Worshipping Undead, but only a few of them actually attack you. Once that is done with, head down the flight of stairs where one of the enemies tried to attack you. You’ll notice that there is a ladder. There are two enemies in this room, so be careful. Or, you can just head down the ladder and ignore them.

The Fire-Breathing Dragon


Here is where things get tricky. Head down the corridor after climbing down the ladder but DO NOT go outside yet. Notice that there are two enemies, one to the left near a staircase and one to the right a little further down. Kill the one to the right first because he will shoot fire arrows at you and that can be quite annoying when trying to fight the other enemy.

After killing the crossbow enemy, run back to where you entered the area near the corridor. You will notice a loud screech and fire will rain down upon the area. Notice that there is a dragon on the building ahead of you. Keep this in mind because if you don’t, then you will most certainly die. Kill the other enemy at the bottom of the stairs and then you must wait.

The dragon on the building ahead of you will shoot fire from its mouth, causing the ground to burn. Your objective is to run up the stairs after he shoots the fire, make sure the ground isn’t burning or glowing red, and make a bee line for the cell door directly underneath the dragon. Open the door and head on in.

Mimic Chest

Enter the room and head down the flight of stairs. In the back of the room, you will see a chest but DO NOT OPEN IT! This chest is a Mimic Chest, and you will have to fight it in order to get the axe. This can be extremely difficult early on in the game, but the reward is totally worth it. The Mimic Chest has a few attacks that can easily be dodged. Most of the attacks include trying to kick you so be wary of its long legs. Once you kill this chest, you will be rewarded with the dark magic damage dealing battle-axe. This weapon is a tank. It is also pretty lightweight and can be swung for quite a while.

Git Gud

There you have it; you now have one of the best early game weapons in Dark Souls III. Prepare to dominate the evil enemies of Lothric and claim what is rightfully yours. Your kingdom awaits! Dark Souls III is out now for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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